Has Your Poop Ever Come Out Green? This Might Be Why

Of course you want to know.

A new video from YouTube channel SciShow reveals the answer to a question many people have Googled at some point: "Why is my poop green?"

And the gist is this: You get green feces when your body isn't digesting things so easily because, "your feces actually start out a yellowish green color," SciShow host Hank Green says in the video. Check it out above.

So, you might even notice your feces are a non-brown color when you're sick to your stomach or have recently taken a laxative. The odd coloring means that your agitated tract has moved your waste through too quickly and the bacteria in your system haven't had time to fully digest your waste's bile.

But that's not all. The Mayo Clinic notes that you can also get green stools by eating leafy vegetables, green food coloring and iron supplements.

Hey, you asked.

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