Why is Time Management so IMPORTANT?

Why is Time Management so IMPORTANT?
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If you’ve been reading and following the blog weekly, you may have noticed I just can’t stop coming back to time management. It’s truly a passion of mine. But really, why is it that time management is so important?

For me, when I answer that question, it’s really because time management is about bringing the joy into my life. It’s about creating breathing space. It’s about being very conscious about not only wanting joy but experiencing joy in all aspects of my life. Time management is one of those tools that we can use in a way that, instead of pushing or driving us through our days, it enhances our experience of our lives and businesses.

Time Management to Enrich our Lives

Calendaring for time management is not there to add stress to our lives as one more looming to-do on our never-ending to-do lists. It is, however, there as something we can use to enrich our lives. All of these different tips are really available to us for use in feeling more in control of our time. Sure, there is a lot we cannot control in the world. But there are things we can learn to control, to some degree. We can learn to control our thoughts. We can learn to control our time. And we can learn to control what we focus on. For instance, if we want more joy in our lives, we can learn to bring that in through controlling our thoughts, time and focus.

This is why I think time management is such a fabulous tool. It really gives us the chance to just step back for a minute and see where we can gain some control. Even the expression ‘time management’ suggests that we are acting as the manager of our most precious asset, time.

Time doesn’t control us!

A lot of us, especially all of you entrepreneurs out there, have chosen to be trailblazers. You run our own businesses and forge our own paths. As we have embarked upon this trail, we rapidly discovered how very easy it is to become overwhelmed. We are stressed by what we perceive are the critical things we have to do. What I want to encourage you to do with these tips is to implement the ones that resonate. And leave behind the ones that don’t. Try out some of the tips that appeal to you. And when you do implement the ones that work for you, please keep the conversation going by adding your comments . Share with us what has worked best for you.

Most of all, I want to encourage you to use these tools as a way of bringing more joy into your life. Use time management as a way to be the manager of yourself. Become the manager of your days, and ultimately the manager of your joy.

If this blog resonates for you, please feel free to reach out. I would love to learn more about how I may support you and your business. Sending you tons of love and light!

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