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Why Is Your Boyfriend More Faithful to His Barber Than He Is to You?

A good barber is irreplaceable. When you find someone who cuts your hair the right way, you don't deviate because you know you aren't going to find that cut in the hands of another barber.
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Good barbers are hard to come by, so it comes to no surprise that guys hate (absolutely hate) to deviate from their barbers. In the weirdest way, and most guys will tell you, it feels like you've cheated. Interestingly enough, a lot of guys don't feel this way when they've stepped out on their partner.

Discussing this with some of my classmates, and one of them said, "To be honest. I feel worse when I go to another barber than when I [cheat on my girlfriend]."

So why is it that your boyfriend is more faithful to his barber than you?

1. Well first, there is a understanding of monogamy between a guy and his barber.
In a sense, there is an understanding that your barber... is your barber. And you as the client, are his/her client. When you start regularly going to a barber- you know when the "testing-you-out-to-see-if-my-hairline-is-straight-and-my-fade-is-actually-blended-and-not-blockie" stage is complete- barber culture provides that you stick with that person. You dare not go in the shop and sit in someone else's chair. Not even if your barber has seven people.

But for some reason, this understanding doesn't exist in the same manner for intimate relationships. So maybe the reason why is because culture no longer dictates monogamy as a requirement of intimate relationships.

2. Your barber is a confidant and advisor.
You'd be surprised by how much information guys tell their barbers. Rather it be about sports, family, clubs, cars, sex, cheating, considerations of marriage, family reunions... the list is infinite. Your barber is a trustworthy listening ear. And almost all barbers can't resist the urge to give advice on how, why, or when you should do something. And we respect their opinions because...

3. ...your barber is there with you through the good and bad.
Think about it: the reason barbers get so much information from us is because we typically have to see them before any MAJOR thing happens in our lives. You have a job interview coming up? Have to get a haircut. Thinking about proposing? Have to get a haircut. Someone in your family died? Have to get a haircut. Your friends are in town? Have to get a haircut. Graduating from college? Have to get a haircut... Our barbers are the people we can count on to be there. They are one of the few constants in a person's life. So the question becomes, how do you make yourself more of a constant and less of a variable?

4. Your barber makes you feel like a new person.
When you leave the barbershop, you feel- and often look- like a new person. And that does a lot for your confidence. You instantly become ready to take over the world. And that is how relationships are suppose to be. Being with someone is supposed to make you feel like a new, better, more able person. Does your boyfriend feel this way about being with you?

5. Good barbers are (practically) irreplaceable.
Ok, so everyone is replaceable in a sense. But generally, a good barber is irreplaceable. When you find someone who cuts your hair the right way, you don't deviate because you know you aren't going to find that cut in the hands of another barber. And let's say you try someone new. Chances are the cut doesn't meet your expectations and you can't wait for a week or two to go by so you can go BACK to your barber. They have something that other barbers just don't have. But do you have something that your boyfriend just won't find somewhere else?

Well, there you have it folks. Five reasons why your boyfriend may be more faithful to his barber than you. But this in no way is intended to be an article to tell anyone what they should do to prevent their boyfriends from cheating. For monogamous relationships, cheating is unacceptable. If you don't want to be with someone, you probably shouldn't be with them. But it is supposed to be an interesting parallel to understand the different elements that sustains a person's desire to remain committed and faithful.

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