Why It Is Not Too Late to Vote for Sanders

After Hillary Clinton's victory in the New York primary, many pundits and political officials have argued that Senator Sanders should drop put of the race, but there are many reasons for him to continue to fight for more delegates.

The first reason he should stay in is that he still has a chance at winning the pledged delegates. Currently, Hillary has 1,428 and Bernie has 1,151, and both need 2,383 to win. This means that Hillary leads by 277, and she still has to gain 955 to win the nomination before the convention. It is important to note that the superdelegates do not vote before the convention, and in 2008, many switched their votes from Hillary to President Obama.

The main reason why many superdelegates might change their votes is that Sanders is a stronger candidate in the national election. Sanders' strength is in part due to his popularity among independents; however, the fact that many states do not allow independents to vote in the primaries makes Hillary look stronger than she really is. Moreover, Hillary has such a high unfavorable rating that she could actually lose to someone like Trump or Cruz.

Even if Sanders loses the nomination, but he brings a large number of delegates to the convention, he can help shape the party platform and influence who Hillary chooses for Vice President. If people want someone like Elizabeth Warren to be VP, they should keep on voting for Bernie.

As Sanders has said throughout the campaign, he is trying to create a political revolution, and so it is important for people to keep on supporting him to show that establishment politics have to be transformed. The fact that he has been able to raise most of his funds from small individual contributions shows that a different campaign finance system is possible. In short, a vote for sanders is a vote for a different political sy