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Why It's Important to Choose Wisely When Getting Dressed in the Morning

You can alter your mood with what you wear. Anyone who has ever seenorknows that you can track character development alongside their sartorial changes.
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A recent study conducted in 2012 titled, "Enclothed Cognition," showed how people wearing a white lab coat were more attentive and focused. The lab coat, a symbolic article of clothing for a scientist, encouraged the subjects to change their thinking to match the work associated with their apparel.

This study highlighted the experience one has while wearing different articles of clothing, undeniably linking cognitive behavior to appearance. Point being, you can change your performance by changing your clothing. You can alter your mood with what you wear. Anyone who has ever seen Mean Girls or The Devil Wears Prada knows that you can track character development alongside their sartorial changes.

So let's take a quick detour and focus on a prime example: Cady Heron

Pre-Plastic Attire:




She started dressing like them:



...and I think we all know how that turned out


So think about it, and be conscious of your visual vocabulary.

Getting dressed in the morning is one of my favorites parts of the day, but picking out an outfit the night before is even better. My routine involves checking the weather, looking at my calendar, and then choosing my clothes the night before. On the off chance that I don't do this, I end up scrambling in the morning, wearing something that doesn't inspire me and make me feel great, and I ruin my entire day.

Since I can remember, I have been passionate about my clothing, and what I wear. Everyone has heard the phrase, "dress for success," countless times, but the fact is is that it holds true in more ways than one. What you wear matters, and not just in a superficial or materialistic kind of way. Style is more about personality than an actual piece of clothing. It's more about self-expression than name brands.

Every day is different, and part of my own personal routine is to change the way I look and the clothes I wear.

If you have a job interview or a big meeting, think about how what you wear will affect your personality and the way others look at you. Turning to your favorite TV and movie characters for advice is a great way to get inspired. For example, if you're feeling like a boss, you can channel Peggy Olson's style from "Mad Men."


If you're studying or working from home, wear something that you think is the material embodiment of smart, inspiring, and comfortable.

(Top by ElevenParis, Pants by Adidas, Shoes by Nike)

If you're going to the gym, don't just throw on whatever old t-shirt you have lying around. Instead, pick an outfit that you enjoy wearing, and chances are, you'll have a better workout because of it.


What about a date night? Even Liz Lemon from "30 Rock" opts for a confident and bold dress for such an occasion. After all, red is the color of romance.


If you're feeling adventurous and really want to switch it up, try pairing articles of clothing together that you wouldn't have necessarily thought to. There's no rule that says you can't wear a dress over pants!

Is your alter ego Cher Horowitz? Go ahead and channel her the next time you hit the town in a sleek 90's inspired outfit.


Many people plan their outfits in advance for special events, such as birthdays or weddings. When you graduate- wearing the traditional cap and gown -- you feel proud and accomplished, and that feeling shows when you walk down to get your diploma. So, why not plan accordingly and dress for success everyday?

Leave the house everyday feeling like "I look good, I feel good. I hope I run into my ex-boyfriend today."