Why It's Important to Have Faith


Rushing into my kitchen with bags of groceries in my arms, the dogs jumping up on my legs with wagging tails and licks and my voice echoing throughout our home, "Hi girls, I'm home. Come in and give me a kiss!" And then, I stopped dead in my tracks, because my eyes targeted in on a large Christian Statue of a Saint starring at me. He was siting on my kitchen counter! "What are you doing smiling at me on my kitchen counter I said as I smiled back?"

The year was 1980.

I put the grocery bags down and walked over to the figurine. I noticed a note addressed to me, on the counter. It read:

Dear Susan,

Meet Saint Joseph! I bought him for you. If you bury him face down in your backyard you will sell your home and you can move to Hawaii!

Legend has it if you bury Saint Joseph in your backyard head down facing the direction you want to move, your home will sell quickly. Remember where you buried him because you have to dig him up and put in a special place in your new home or give him to a friend. He is tolerant of all faiths!

Love, Dee

I smiled at her thoughtfulness, called my Catholic girlfriend to thank her, and promised to return Saint Joseph if she wanted him.

I then called out to my little girls to help me bury Saint Joseph knowing I would need a spade and a lot of faith. I had both!

It was a beautiful Summer day as we ran out into the yard to look for our favorite spot. We decided to bury Saint Joe under our huge gorgeous crab apple tree thinking more about his resting place then the sale of our home! We buried him face down in the front yard! I had no idea the direction of Honolulu so to this day I have no idea if we buried his head in the direction of Hawaii!

The three of us knelt down and asked him to grant our wish. We said and I remember it as clearing as if it were today:

Dear Saint Joe, (we said Saint Joe because it sounded more personal!) Our family has finally made its decision to move to Hawaii. It took five years of careful thought. Please grant us this wish. We pray that you will make it possible for us to sell our home in five days, not five years. We will be eternally thankful.

My daughters were laughing at my prayer asking for the impossible. My answer: "We will never get an answer for our wish unless we ask for what we want, dear daughters of mine. Think positive and have faith."

I cannot believe what happened. It was a miracle of miracles. We sold our home in one week! The timing was perfect. We would have time to be in Honolulu before the start of the school year. Our dreams were answered and to this day, I believe dear Saint Joseph played his role because I have faith.

This is a true story:

Our dear friends sold their jewelry business and moved to Florida. After a short time they realized they made a mistake and decided to move back to our community. Of course they sold their beautiful home and now had no place to hang their hat! Except our home! Our homes were in the same price range and mirrored each other. Within the week it was a done deal!! They were overjoyed and we were in total shock and so excited that our dogs could feel our happiness!

My small daughters and I went into the 'front yard' and carefully dug up our dear Saint Joseph. Cradling him in my arms the children noticed that Saint Joseph was smiling and their mother was choked up with tears.

"Why is Saint Joseph smiling and why are you crying mommy."

"He is smiling because he is a Saint who loves to grant wishes. I am crying with happiness because we are going to embark on a great adventure and I know the best is yet to come for our family."

Saint Joseph accompanied us to Honolulu, too. When we moved away from my beloved Hawaii, after the death of my late husband, Michael, St Joseph left with me. He continues to sit in a prominent place in my home. I know if I ever want to move -- Saint Joseph will grant me my wish.

It is important to have faith. Faith is part happening and part the faith you have in yourself to make something happen. This is the lesson to pass on to our children and grandchildren and a lesson for you, as well.

Do something GOOD today. If you are thinking of moving, purchase Saint Joseph.

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