Why It's Time to be Couragous


Up until a few years ago I ran from my feelings. I ran fast. I felt like I wasn't strong enough to handle the challenges in my life. I'd sit in my therapists office with my mantra..."It's just too much" over and over again. This was the way I coped. But I had to change and I knew it. I had to be a mom, a business owner, a wife, a friend. I had to heal but the idea of facing myself was way too overwhelming.

But over time I learned how to handle it. I learned I was strong enough. Once I realized that my feelings were not an actual threat to me I was able to sit with it. I held it. I explored it. I was curious about it. I realized if I sat in the darkness with compassion the light started to shine in...slowly. I realized my pain was just energy. And that energy subsides if you give it love.

And throughout this process I learned so much about myself. Without sitting and exploring my feelings I would never have really known myself. I would never have known my strengths. I would be a shell of who I am. Again, nothing about this process is fun or glamorous but it is courageous. And we owe it to ourselves to be courageous.

So yesterday when some major stuff came up for me during a session I froze. Completely froze. The years of shutting down reared its ugly face. But this time I was a witness. I sat with it. I checked in with what was going on for me. It was not pretty. In fact it was pretty ugly. But after a few minutes it changed. It was no longer a daunting and debilitating. And I realized my capacity to deal with the hard stuff is there. I smiled.

I want us all to stand up and face our fears (whatever they might be) in the face with a bunch of courage. I want you to feel held. To feel heard. Can you imagine what kind of impact we will have on the world once we stand in our power with grace and courage?

Andi Wickman is a mentor, certified life coach, hand holder, lifter-upper of women who want to live a more energetic, purposeful life. She helps women feel more confident in their lives, bodies and relationships so they can be more present, caring parents and humans.

She is building a coaching program around courage, but if you want to dive in now please reach out.