Why it's Time to Be REAL in Business

I've gone through most of my life hiding my true self because I was afraid of being judged, laughed at, rejected, or uncool.

I've struggled with vulnerability: showing my quirks, my flaws, my real opinions to anyone around me. I'm sure you can relate.

But through the journey I've gone through, all of the ups and downs, I now know that there is simply no better way to lead a business, especially a service or information based business, than by being authentic and REAL.

When you hide yourself, you prevent others from loving YOU for you. (and they will!)

When you hide your true self, you are attracting your less-than-ideal clients (and lack sales).

When you hide behind a faceless brand that's not true to YOU, when things go wrong or you get hate mail... it hurts that much more, because you are TRYING to please everybody.

You're trying to be someone you're not. It's a task. It's a goal. And when someone or something reminds you that you're off base. It hurts.

But the truth is? You will NEVER hit a goal like this. You will NEVER please everybody. You will NEVER be liked by everyone, no matter how hard you try.

Besides, why should you want to anyway?

Do you really want people to just like or accept you?

Or do you want people to LOVE YOU and become OBSESSED with you so much that they want to buy every single product and program you create?

By being real.. by showing vulnerability... that's how you can attract a raving tribe.

People attract people.

Be a human being. Don't just be a faceless brand.

Who's with me?

I've made this change through my rebrand. I am committed to being real. And I've already seen a shift: my monthly revenue has grown 20% and I'm getting MORE love notes from prospective clients (and that hate mail? Doesn't hurt anymore because guess what? I'm not gonna change. This is ME, not an image of an ideal person I wanted to paint).

Join me.