Why It's Time To Reevaluate Your ABM Strategy

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I recently was interviewed on the B2B Growth Show, a Podcast series run by Sweet Fish Media. The topic was how to overcome 3 common ABM problems. ABM, Account Based Marketing, is one of the hottest buzzwords in the B2B world. 97 percent of B2B marketers believe ABM delivers higher return than other marketing initiatives, the setup time is well worth the investment. The key to running a sound ABM campaign is aligning sales and marketing. This seems like a no-brainer, yet many companies have sales and marketing sitting in separate silos attempting to achieve a common company goal, yet not cooperating on the initiatives and tactics.

Aside from sales and marketing alignment, another common fault to companies ABM campaigns is bad data - Garbage in, Garbage out. The intelligence layer that powers many ABM campaigns is faulty. Marketers relay on big data providers without ever questioning its validity. 1 in 3 business leaders don’t trust their own data that is driving decisions. Much of the data purchased and sourced internally is siloed, forcing data scientists and analysts to spend 60% of their time cleaning and organizing data. To add insult, 76% of data scientists view data preparation as the least enjoyable part of their work. Clearly, this is not a scalable path to success.

To hear more about how to overcome problems with ABM, download my interview with Sweet Fish Media.


How to Overcome 3 Common ABM Problems http://bit.ly/2inC0oY

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