Why Ivanka Trump Can Offer Her Dad Only Limited Support

Before Donald Trump formally announced his presidential candidacy in June, his 33-year-old daughter Ivanka Trump told CNBC she "supports him wholeheartedly." But Ivanka, the executive vice president of development and acquisitions for the Trump Organization and head of an eponymous, hugely successful accessories brand (it did $250 million in sales in 2013), was less specific about what role she'd play in his campaign, saying, "Let's wait to see what he decides." 

Well, he's decided to run, as we all know, but Ivanka has hardly rushed to his side to bask in his perhaps disturbingly bright limelight. Trump formally announced his candidacy at the Trump Tower in June, with many reporters noting that it was Ivanka who introduced him to the crowd, not his wife, Melania. But since then, Ivanka hasn't appeared at any Trump campaign events (she joined her siblings at the Republican debate in August and posted photographs from it, but she didn't comment on her father's performance). Nor has she rallied for her father on social media, a sign of just how much she's sticking to her own brand even as the attention swirling around his campaign intensifies. Her Instagram is more concerned with Trump property porn, snapshots of Ivanka-brand heels, and photos of her young children than her father's campaign. (Last month, she announced her third pregnancy via Instagram and Facebook.) Her distance suggests she's cognizant that Trump's brand -- which many have called damaging to the Republican party -- could be damaging to her.

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