Why Karma At Times Stings Us When We Help Another

Very often our powers of intuition are the last defense against taking an action that we end up regretting.
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The saying "a good deed never goes unpunished" is something everyone can relate to. We have all experienced times when we have helped somebody only to have our good Samaritan action be rewarded with something negative happening to us. There is a reason for this. When you make a conscious decision to extend yourself and attempt to alleviate some pain, suffering or difficulty of another person, you have stepped into their karmic bubble. Once inside their karmic bubble, it is very possible you will feel the sting of a portion of the bad karma created by another person's past transgression. Karmic debt being immutable once a karma is created by an action a price of one sort or another eventually must be paid. This is not to make a judgment on anyone. Good people make mistakes and often enough they are big ones. However, we all have to pay for them one way or another at one time or another.

If you take an action which alleviates the suffering of another that was self-inflicted by their wrong actions, you are basically putting yourself between that person and the negative energy created by their past action. Karmic law is such that someone has to feel its sting one way or another. Given that karma is quite mysterious, maybe you feel this sting because of your intervention -- maybe not -- but a fairly strong possibility exists that you will feel it to one degree or another.

If you are a strong compassionate person this should not deter you, but it is why we should be reasonably discriminating in the who what and where of it all. Your power of discrimination is the key. That is in part why developing your spiritual side is so very important. The more you go inward and feel your spiritual power, the more your get in touch with your self-awareness the more you will increase your powers of discrimination, your willpower and your intuition. On the willpower front, its often one thing to know what to do and another thing to have the will to do it. A key element in discriminating a good idea vs. a bad idea, can often be a matter of intuition. In making judgment calls like whether we should help another person or not, we don't just depend on our intellect because the intellect does not account for invisible factors. These hidden elements may not be accessible to your mind but your heart can feel their presence. Very often our powers of intuition are the last defense against taking an action that we end up regretting. An individual's spiritual development which is of course aided by practices like meditation and prayer can also increase the depth of our intuition. Living a moral life is also a spiritual practice which includes the art of helping others. Helping others creates good karma which helps mitigate against our own bad karma but as pointed out, there are risks involved.

Of course karma being extremely mysterious, when our good deeds get rewarded or our bad deeds come back to haunt us is quite the secret. It takes courage and willpower to act on your compassion. Jesus is well known for helping the downtrodden and of course extending oneself to help the less fortunate is a staple of Christian teachings and really all of the major religions. What is not well known about this give and take is that when a great being like Jesus seeks out those with some particularly nasty karma there is a yin yang balance to this relationship that is not readily apparent. A great pure being like Jesus has protections against the worst types of karmic blowback that might plague ordinary beings. The spiritually high helping the spiritually low is complementary, as is us spiritual middlings helping each other. For clarification when I refer to Jesus as a great pure being my inference is that he is one of many great beings who have walked this earth. One of the protections these great beings have that others do not is lack of fear. Once a spirit enters a body that body has many needs. On top of that if a being has not evolved past the limitations of the mind, the mind has needs as well. Great beings are not afraid of not acquiring the needs of the mind and body and therefore will not really feel the sting of any bad karma from helping another.

It can happen that we have some bad experience coming our way because of a past mistake. However, in between the wrong action and its price we do something to create some good karma that may remove or soften the blow of this wave of bad karma heading our way. It is possible that we have done such a good deed the bad experience we have earned is not going to actually happen. However, the debt is not completely cleared up and remaining price to be paid is the possibility something bad is going to happen to us. So the remaining price to be paid is the potential anxiety we could easily feel knowing for example we could lose a job. If we have the inner strength to not let this possibility create mental turmoil, your good action has enabled you to not only avoid the worst of it but also the residual effect of the bad karma as well.

Its pretty obvious that not all of the bad things we fear will happen to us, actually do happen. When in these situations, its our duty to take all possible precautions and prepare all possible contingencies within our power. After that its in God's hands, then its a matter of whether we give into the fear or fight it off. Even if the bad scenario occurs you take away much of its sting if you can drastically reduce your anxiety as you expect it to happen. Again our spiritual practices give us spiritual strength for times like this when we need to be really strong.

Getting back to Jesus,when he boldly took the prostitute Mary Magdalene under his wing, he was not worried about how that would affect his status in Jewish society. This factor did not disturb his peace of mind. Whereas the ramifications of an act kindness toward prostitute especially in the society Jesus lived in, would typically weigh heavy on the mind of an ordinary person. If someone of wealth decides to help a poor person by giving them money they can afford to lose this money more than someone with much less. The biggest problem with helping the most destitute is the negative feelings they could be carrying around. If their poverty has made them angry bitter and cruel, whomever steps into their karmic bubble is sure to feel the sting of these dark emotions.

The thing to know is that karma is extremely precise both the good and bad variety. In a general sense for example perhaps you have the good karma to be born with parents who have few if any money problems. This is good karma. However, access to this wealth ultimately torments you because of some bad karma. The important thing to remember is that we are all held accountable for all of our actions whether we want to believe that or not. However, that should not stop any of us from having a very fulfilling and satisfying live.

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