Why Kesha Matters and the End of the Jock

A couple weeks ago Kesha, the pop singer, lost a court battle against her producer and alleged rapist Dr. Luke and Sony Records to get out of her contract. Kesha has said that her producer drugged her, raped her and told her he would destroy her if she said anything.

Unfortunately, the court took Sony Records side which means Kesha has to work with her alleged rapist even though she had said over and over again that she is terrified of him.

Why is Kesha speaking out important now more than ever before? Because the world is finally listening. We are finally listening to the female and the "underdog." And yes, the female has been the "underdog" for over 200 years. Whenever a female has been raped, played or bullied, we as a society have kept our mouths shut.

No Longer.

In the days following the pop singer's court case, females and males from Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom to Taylor Swift to Lady Gaga have shown support. There have been plenty of articles on how horrible this crime was and how Kesha deserves to have peace and justice. I mean isn't that what all Americans deserve? Peace and justice?

If you pay close attention, there is a revolutionary change happening in America. A change is upon us; a change for the better. For over 200 years, this country has applauded the brash, chauvinistic, bully of a man. The high school "jock" was the popular kid in school and the Playboy mansion had the most popular parties in hollywood.

Now, it's cool to be a nerd and the playboy mansion is closing. Do you find this coincidental? Do you find it coincidental that on one hand we have a female presidential candidate who has been publicly bullied in more ways than one and on the other side we have a Republican candidate who has insulted and bullied different cultures and races in America? Do you find it coincidental that all these events are happening at once? Do you find it coincidental that Cosby, Dr. Luke and OJ are in the news for harming women. And for years these three have gotten away with destructive behavior.

Look at Hollywood and their diversity problem. Finally, after all these years the industry is taking notice. Once again you think this is coincidental?

A change is upon us if you look closely. The day and age off the bully is ending and this is why there is such public presence when an assault or aggression towards a female, gay or minority happens.

It is all about energy and where you find a breakthrough you will also find a breakdown.
This is why all these breakdowns are happening; the academy, Kesha losing in court, a Republican candidate talking about deporting Muslims, the Playboy mansion closing. All these are happening at once.

Also, you have to understand that saying NO to those you always say Yes to causes anxiety and fear. And this is why there is such anxiety and fear in America. We have been accustomed to saying yes to the whistle blowing construction worker jock who has demeaned and degraded females and now saying NO sounds a bit strange. It sounds a bit strange when saying NO to the candidate that wants to build a wall between America and Mexico, it sounds strange when Indian actors say No to speaking only in an Indian accent in Hollywood, and it sounds strange when women like Kesha say loud and clear that No really means No.

And soon we as Americans will say No More. No more to bigotry, no more to dreaming comments, no more to racist comments, no more to rape and condemning behavior; just no more.

And Kesha is leading this cause even if she doesn't realize it. She has spoken up and has said No more. And because of her bravery we also can say No More, be Ok with that decision and make America a more thoughtful and accepting country in the future.