Why Killer Personalities Can Be Deadly

Many people who are highly intelligent will go to the most prestige colleges and change the world.  There are others who do not follow this path. Instead, these individuals fall into crime and murder.  A killer personality with a high IQ has long term deadly effects. When we think of criminals; often scary images come to mind. In reality, a murder is not going to have the words bad guy stamped on his forehead for the world to see.

A person like Theodore Bundy killed people for years before he was ever caught. His charming character made him an easy person to trust.  Through his victim’s eyes; he did not look like a murderer.  Bundy had obtained a Psychology degree and used his knowledge and intelligence to persuade women that he was a trustworthy guy. In certain situations; he even pretended to be a policeman to gain the trust of women. “His IQ of 136 had labeled him to be intelligently gifted”. Bundy had used his intelligence to become a well-known serial killer and escape police custody on several occasions.

Theodore Kaczynski had many opportunities and achieved amazing things in his life.  “He had an IQ of 167 in elementary school”.  As a child, he skipped several grades in school because of his high intelligence. Kaczynski had begun college at the age of 16; where he attended Harvard on an awarded scholarship. He had continued on through college and obtained a Ph.D. This degree and his IQ helped him begin a career as a professor at a California University. Many people would think that this man had the world in his pocket with his excelling achievements in life at such a young age. In Kaczynski’s mind, that was far from the truth. For twenty years he eluded the FBI and kept his secret life to himself.  This man made undetected bombs and would send them to people he wanted to kill. He killed and injured numerous people and could not be detected.  The world would know him as the Unabomber. His threats created a panic across the globe and his actions were similar to a terrorist. Ultimately, his brother helped the FBI in his capture and   Kaczynski plead guilty in 1998.

Not all intelligent serial killers are men. Charlene Adele Williams had assisted her partner in the murders of 10 people.  “She was known as an extraordinary genius with an IQ of 160”. This woman has many avenues that she could have chosen in life.  She was a brilliant violinist and had been accepted to the Conservative Music School in California.  Her mental qualities were spectacular because she had a gift of a photographic mind.  After two years of murders; Charlene and her husband were captured by police. She accepted a plea deal and received a shorter sentence for the crimes. Sixteen years later she was released from prison and living back in California.   

A serial killer who has a high IQ, are often harder to detect and capture. Many high IQ serial killers have used their intelligence to their advantage to stay undetected for years. These people have been considered insane or mentally ill; because they chose to take the innocent lives of other individuals. At the end of the day, there is one question that remains a mystery. Are these people insane for the crime they committed or are they insane for using their intelligence to feed their killer personalities?

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