Why Leaders Fail (Book Review)

For centuries we have all witnessed some of the nation's top politicians, business executives, pastors and leaders fail tragically fall to their demise. As many of us sit back and watch we often become bewildered wondering how these men or women with seemingly perfect lives could possibly fail in the midst of their success. While we sit back and wonder what happened it is often ignored that these same leaders also sit back in awe looking into their own lives wondering how they too failed so tragically.

Why Leaders Fail by Pastor Ronald Godbee takes a microscopic look into exactly why some of the greatest leaders often fail tremendously. In his introductory chapter Pastor Godbee explores the importance of asking the right questions. It is suggested through his research that leaders do not fail because of their inability to have all the right answers but because of their inability to ask the right questions. If asked the right questions, the right answers will come and ultimately the truth can be uncovered in the lives of leaders who have for so many years lid in the confines of lies and manipulation.

In our present-day society it is often believed that leaders are failing now more than they ever had before but in Why Leaders Fail that myth is dispelled by examining biblical giants: David, Samson, Elijah, Elisha and Noah. Though these are some of the most successful individuals of the ancient times it is discovered in this book that you cannot truly appreciate one's great victories until you take the time analyze their greatest failures and how it molded them into the victorious leaders we most often refer to them as.

As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of self-help books on leadership, I must admit this book pierced my inner core. If you're like me and expecting to read a book with 10 steps on how to become a leader, put on your seat belt and get ready for takeoff. This isn't a self-help book that will sugarcoat the truth for you; however, it is a book that examines some of the Bible's greatest leaders and forces you to not only dissect the sometimes fantasy Bible world you learned in Sunday School but it also forces you to see yourself and your struggles in the midst of some of the greatest leaders we have ever known. Put on your seat belts, sit back and prepare to be challenged as you step into the journey of Why Leaders Fail.