Why Let Them Insult Your Intelligence?

Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge have been recently stating that liberals are using hurricanes to further their political agenda.

I challenge you, my smart conservative friends: If anybody states that their political position is being opposed by nature itself, then they claim opposing politicians are using nature itself as a weapon against them ... aren't they insulting your intelligence?

When hurricanes and oceans are opposing you ... isn't it time to wake the fuck up? I want answers to this question - I want the trolls to bother me about it.

I believe you all are smarter than that. Don't let bottom feeders sell you snake oil. Nature! Oceans don't lie. Don't let millionaires Rush and Drudge win and profit by insulting your intelligence and misleading you.

Go visit a town being eroded by the rising tide.

The conservatism I know and understand is way smarter than to be robbed by con men.

Why should you believe me or listen to me? I'm just another yapping voice! But you should damn well listen to oceans and hurricanes.