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Why Local News Coverage is So Important

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When it comes to building your brand and standing out in the market, so many CEOs only focus on the big picture and on the national coverage. While this is important, it isn't everything. In fact, most business owners are ignoring one of the most important types of coverage that there is; local coverage. It is important to never miss the opportunity to speak with local journalists or to take advantage of local media coverage, and here are five of the main reasons why.

1. Local TV producers are actually very well connected. There is a really big misconception about the role that local news producers tend to play in today's fast-paced media world. Chances are these individuals are actually some of the best contacts you can make if you want to start getting traction at a national level. You never know when that great relationship you built with a local producer can end up being a great relationship with an established news contact.
2. Local news experience can help you build your media experience. If you want a national news organization to put you on air and you have never been on television before, chances are they are going to be hesitant about how you will perform. After all, it is very important for national news producers to have a quality program and this means quality guests. If you have a bunch of local news appearances on your resume, it will only help showcase the media experience that you have and prove to national producers that you have what it takes to be poised and professional on air and to handle any issues that may arise.
3. Many times national news outlets simply take local news stories and re-tell them. In fact, this is often one of the best ways to get national coverage for the first time. If you are on air with the right story and the right angle on your local news outlet, and the right national producer sees it, it can easily be your foot in the door to the country-wide coverage you have been looking for.
4. You can gain credibility for free. Getting coverage from your local news outlet can start helping you gain credibility in your industry, even if it is only in your local market. The best part? You can gain that credibility for free. There are so many people who will end up paying for an on-air segment because they can't get on the news. Don't waste your money, when you can usually get local coverage for free.
5. Local news still can still help you reach lots of people. The great thing about local news is that it is actually one of the fastest ways that you can reach tens of thousands of people. Trying to stand out in the national market without any experience, will not gain you this type of recognition. Plus, local news channels will still publish their stories online, meaning you are not only getting on-air recognition but building your online portfolio as well.

Keep these tips in mind whenever you consider doing local news spots. They may not seem like the most glamorous or headline-grabbing appearances, but they can really go a long way in helping you build your brand and your reputation in the market.

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