Why Luke Perry Wouldn't Want His Daughter To Date A Guy Like Dylan McKay

He said he knows what his "Beverly Hills, 90210" character was "up to."
03/06/2017 04:43pm ET
Actor Luke Perry said he would be hesitant to have his kids involved with his “Beverly Hills, 90210” character Dylan McKay.

On the ‘90s hit show “Beverly Hills, 90210,” Luke Perry played broody heartthrob Dylan McKay, and years later, he’s pretty certain he wouldn’t want his kids involved with a guy like him.

During a Facebook Live interview with Us Weekly, the “Riverdale” actor opened up about working on the popular show years ago and portraying McKay. When host Christina Garibaldi asked whether he’d let his daughter date someone like his character, Perry quickly rejected the idea with a laugh.

“I know that brother, I know what he’s up to,” he said. “Having said that, he’s absolutely a man of character ... so she could do worse. But it wouldn’t be my first pick, no.”

Perry said he’d also rather not have his son ride a motorcycle like his character did on the show. But according to the dad of two, his kids aren’t even that interested in his “Beverly Hills, 90210” character.

“They don’t think of my career. They don’t think of it at all,” he said. “I have seen my children sit on the couch with the remote control and flip by me like three different times.”

Mikel Roberts via Getty Images
The pic above shows the cast of "Beverly Hills, 90210." Perry (far right) said he doesn't know if his kids have seen any reruns of the hit show.

Perry clarified that “that’s the way it should be,” though, and that he doesn’t want his kids “to dwell on” his career.

When asked whether he had any parenting advice, the actor admitted he was “certainly no authority” on how to raise kids, but offered some simple guidance.

“Love them as much as you can and talk to them as much as you can,” he said. “Make time for them.”

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