Why 'Mamba' Showed Us That With Great Power And Love For The Game, Comes Hate


The higher you get to the top, the more haters you accumulate.

You shouldn't let this stop you to achieving your greatness.

What Kobe Bryant has taught us over the last several years is what entails the true heart of a champion.

Although the Black Mamba faced many struggles, many challenges that did not go according to his way, many followers who loved to hate him; this only motivated Mamba to get better, to prove them wrong, and keep going despite what their opinions, hateful words, or negative comments were said.

We all have an 'inner Mamba' that we must tap into.

I salute, Kobe Bryant, the black Mamba.

Thank You for not only providing years of athletic performance of what true basketball, sportsmanship, and love for the game entails, but doing it on your own. When the fans let you down, when your teammates let you down, you still showed your greatness.

When people let him down, he still had faith in his one true passion, that Spalding basketball that never let him down. His love for this sport and the game never let him down. Because people will come and go like seasons, his focus and determination never swayed.

Kobe showed us that haters will hate. This shouldn't stop you. Intimidate you. Or conquer you. All he was focused on was slaying on the court.

Mamba used this as motivation to better himself and the game. Slay away, Mamba.

You know you're becoming successful once people start talking about you, either in a good or bad light. You have to get used to it. You can't do anything about it and shouldn't pay any attention to it as the great Mamba did because in the end they will love you for it anyways, even though they've loved to hate you after all these years.

It is better to be feared than loved because once Mamba steps off the court, all the haters will embrace him with respect, and show their love and support, that he finally deserves.

It's better to not be liked for trying to reach your goals, because you're going to reach them anyways, and those same followers and haters will still be watching.

So give them something to watch, show them that you are great; that you didn't let what they said get to your head.

1. Let the haters hate.

Just do you. After all, they will still be there, watching you as you climb to the top of the mountain and finally ask, how you did it.

2. Resist the temptation to respond to these haters.

You've got a chip on your shoulder. The only way you should respond or act is by improving yourself daily. The only person you should try to compare yourself or be better than is yourself.

Mamba proved this time again as he was on that court, day in and day out, bettering himself, while the haters were still talking.

So you miss a few shots here and there. So you had a bad game. So you don't win a championship one year, and they call you a failure. So what? Everybody fails. Mamba fails. But he overcame his struggles through hard work that he would better prepare himself and get his championship next time.

Michael Jordan once said, I have failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. You shouldn't let failure or haters stand in your way.

3. Don't settle for anything less than great because a true champion always wants more.

Mamba didn't settle for one championship. He kept going. Until banners after banners were hung at the Staples Center.

To have the heart of a lion and a true champion, you cant be complacent with one or two wins, you must keep going.

This is what separates the good from the great from the legendary.

Legends will never stop, until age and health permits of course.

To be the legendary, Wilt Chamberlin, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Kareem, etc., you have to attain the desire to want more. More wins. More championships.

Despite what the haters will say, you have to keep going because time is on your side.

When you make it big, those same haters will focus on any negative aspect of your life, probably tell you that they can do what you did too.

Do so good, that they will only be talking about your accomplishments in the end.

Do so good, that they will only be respecting you in the end.

Do so good, that they will only be thanking you in the end.

Be the Mamba.

Thank You, Mamba. You were great. We appreciate you.

Thank you to the haters that kept Mamba driven. With or without you, he was still going to climb to the top of that mountain because Kobe was an unstoppable, born and bred legend.

Thank You, Mamba for making us appreciate the haters because without them, you would still be great.

Thank You, Mamba, for forever changing the game.


LA native Angela Mujukian is a Medical Student at St. George's University, Elite Daily Campus Ambassador, and Jedi. When she's not being a Wizard on the wards, or doing research at Cedars-Sinai, she is co-authoring the best-selling book series and movement, 20 Beautiful Women: Volume 3 Edition. Graduate of UCLA, earning a B.A in English, Angela is trained by the LA Times as a News Reporter/Viewpoint Columnist for Daily Bruin. Tackling her dreams one patient or blog post at a time to make the world a better place. Angela's gift of tenacity, strong-will, and a refuse-to-lose attitude distinguishes her as an unstoppable force.