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Why Managing Diabetes Is a Full-Time Job

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I don't think we as diabetics give ourselves half of the credit that we should.

"Having diabetes is like running a marathon -- where there isn't a finish line."

Some days you're keeping up to pace, and other days you're falling behind.

It's an around the clock job. No days off. No vacation.

You can't just forget about it and come back to it later. (Even if we wish we could)

There's days where diabetes gets unintentionally placed on the back burner.

It get's mentally exhausting and we go through periods of feeling burnt out.

Maybe it would be easier if managing diabetes was all that we had to do.

But it's not.

Then comes life.

Having to go to work -- raise a family -- go to school -- the list goes on

So it's not all about "managing diabetes."

It's managing life on top of it all.

We tend to be hard on ourselves.

We forget that we're only human. We're imperfect.

We're not always going to have the "perfect blood sugar,"

Or eat the healthiest meal.

Or exercise every single day (as we believe we should).

We don't get a paycheck.

We get an evaluation test called an A1C.

Sometimes this test doesn't justify all the blood, sweat, and tears we put into this disease.

7 days a week, 365 days a year

We feel a lot of pressure to do well.

For our health -- For our loved ones -- and -- For our future

Sometimes we think "what do we have to show for it?"

"When will this all pay off?"

That answer is 'today'

Through all the frustration, grief, and exhaustion we experience.

We have today.

We may have one of the hardest full-time jobs.

But we have control over diabetes.

Diabetes doesn't control us.

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