So THAT'S Why Men And Women Take Their Shirts Off Differently


You’ve seen it happen ― a woman takes off her shirt by lifting from the front, elegantly crossing her arms over her chest and gracefully pulling her shirt over her head (at least that’s how it’s done in the movies).

Men, however, just reach behind their neck and yank their shirt off, much less gracefully.

How men do it:

How women do it:

But why? Social media (especially the Tumblr sleuths) has been on the case, trying to solve this mystery. And the Today Show’s Matt Lauer says we might finally have our answer.

“Men’s shirts have more room, so it’s easier to slip them off over your head; women don’t have that option,” he posits in the video above. “I think it’s that men aren’t as flexible and can’t, maybe, get their arms around like that.”

Al Roker has his own theory about why women do it: “I think it’s hotter.”

If you’re anything like Carson Daly, who says he does the “Houdini” method and slips it off through the sleeves so that he won’t stretch out his collar, might we offer a few more techniques:

The Wayne’s World:

The Nick Slip (it’s Nick Jonas):

Or The Right Hook:

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