Why Men Cheat: Relationship Expert Says Approval Is Key Reason (VIDEO)

Why do people cheat?

Research by licensed psychotherapist and New York Times bestselling author M. Gary Neuman , cited in the video above, suggests that men and women cheat for different reasons: men step out on their spouses because they want approval, and women stray because they want attention.

What's more, both men and women are likely to cheat with someone they already know, but men are more likely than women to have a sexual affair with a stranger.

Given the information above, is it possible to affair-proof your marriage? Not entirely, says relationship expert Andrea Syrtash.

"The bottom line is that there may be no way to cheat-proof your relationship, though communicating, acknowledging and appreciating each other, and giving physical and emotional attention on a regular basis is a step in the right direction," she says in the video.

Watch the video for more on why people cheat, then click through the slideshow below to test your knowledge of celebrity cheating scandals.

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