Why Men Shouldn't Vote, According To 1915 Suffragette Satire

LOOK: 5 Satirical Reasons That Men Shouldn't Vote In 1915

Who says women's rights activists don't have a sense of humor? Judging from this satirical piece from 1915, posted on Twitter by iRevolt, suffragettes knew how to make a good joke.

Writer, poet, activist and general badass Alice Duer Miller outlines five (obviously tongue-in-cheek) reasons why men should not be afforded the right to vote. These reasons include the fact that "men are too emotional to vote" and "because a man's place is in the army." The piece was published in Duer Miller's 1915 book of satirical poetry, "Are Women People?" based off of her New York Tribune column.

LOOK: 5 Reasons Why Men Shouldn't Vote In 1915
why men shouldnt vote

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