Mike Dirnt Has the Best Instagram Account Ever

With every photo he posts on his public Instagram account, Mike Dirnt, bass guitar player for the rock band Green Day, tells a story. A personalized, real-time slice of life story. Whether it's about his children, his wife's struggle with breast cancer or his work with Green Day and other projects and interests, he doesn't just post random photos and funny asides, Mike Dirnt sucks you into his own personal world. His pain is his fans' pain. His joy is their joy. His amusement is their amusement. And his stubborn contempt, specifically for cancer, is shared with such open honesty, it makes one wonder why all celebrities aren't like this. His Instagram account has become my favorite online go-to as I begin each day.

After he announced last month that his wife Brittany had breast cancer, with the help of his Instagram page, Dirnt and Brittany have taken the fans on every step in their journey. Through the treatments, the nosebleeds, the hair loss, with such attitude, grace and dignity, it's impossible not to respect and admire Brittany Pritchard's (Dirnt) courage and check in once a day for more updates, or to just get a glimpse of their adorable children.

What makes this account even more unique and inspiring is in the way Dirnt and Brittany are so well-rounded and just "normal" with it. Their lives aren't defined solely by her struggle with cancer or his celebrity. They celebrate birthdays and holidays, go fishing, spend time at the beach. They make time for date nights with just the two of them and make family time with their children, the same as families everywhere.

The photos convey emotion with artistic flare and a human touch we can relate to. It's never boring or forced or self-promotional. It's just him living his life with his family and friends, and sharing it with his followers, just like all the rest of us. If anyone understands the point of social media, it's Mike Dirnt, and it's really kind of awesome to watch it unfold.

Screenshots from @Mike_dosxx

Screenshots from Mike Dirnt's public Instagram page

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