Why Miley Cyrus Is a Feminist Icon

Miley Cyrus performs at IHeartRadio Music Village, Saturday, September, 21, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV. (Photo by Al Powers/Powers
Miley Cyrus performs at IHeartRadio Music Village, Saturday, September, 21, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV. (Photo by Al Powers/Powers Imagery/Invision /AP)

Leave Miley alone!

Damn it, everyone, I've had enough. I've been silent about my views regarding Miley Cyrus and her omnipresent pubic bones. No more!

I am sick and tired of people assigning a negative personal value judgment to individuals who choose to express themselves sexually. Whether or not you actually use the word "slut" when you wave your finger and speak in harsh tones about how "gross" and "disturbing" it is when she strips down and slithers around on a wrecking ball, in a swimming pool, or on Robin Thicke's man-junk, you are still slut-shaming her.

I'd like to send a personal message to Miley: More nakedness, please.

How dare I? Aren't I worried about the legion of 12-year-olds who will also feel compelled to writhe around in little to no clothing? No, I am not worried. In fact, I think we need to stop freaking out about sexuality. We are all sexual people. Babies masturbate in the womb. We pop out from Mama full of sexual instincts. Get real, parents: Children are sexual creatures.

No matter what Sinead O'Connor, Amanda Palmer, or Annie Lennox say, Miley owns Miley's body, and she can do with it what she pleases. In fact, if she wanted to stand on the street corner and set up a Sex Box booth, I'd tell her to go on with her bad self. I've said it before, and I will keep on saying it: Sex work is a legitimate career, so stop dogging it.

Let's shift the conversation away from trying to make Miley put on pants. Why don't we start a dialogue about informed consent? If Miley feels great about her decision to stick out her tongue and twerk (which she does), then why don't we celebrate that as an indicator of how far we have come in the women's movement?

I think that what brought on the good ol' American ire was not Miley's nakedness but rather her "fuck you" attitude in combination with an expression of sexuality. She was channeling Marky Mark and Michael Jackson and their crotch-grabbing ways. And we know what happens to women who defiantly appropriate male sexual behavior: They are burned at the stake.

Stop the witch hunt. Acknowledge that female sexuality is loud, proud and here to stay.

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