Why Millennials Don't Like Linkedin

Linkedin is a powerful tool when used properly. It allows you to search for jobs, make connections with like minded people, join groups, and publish original content. But in the fast paced world of social media, millennials are leaving Linkedin behind. Why?

1. There is No One To Really Connect With

The way Linkedin world is you connect with people you know, usually from college, work, or people in your field. From there, you can build your network more by making more connections with related people based on your existing connections. With the majority of millennials not on Linkedin, the ones that are can't find people to connect with, can't build their network, and ditch the platform.

2. It's Too Structured:
The personal profiles are pretty extensive. There are so many questions to fill out to make your profile complete. For someone getting ready to/ just starting their career, it becomes a little difficult and nerve racking. Who wants to stress over a social media platform. Not me!

3. It Is Not A "Fun" Social Media

Millennials use social media for fun and to relax. Let's be honest, a lot of millennials get way to personal on social media. The Friday night selfies, hash tagged rants, and overly filtered photos have no place on Linkedin. There is just no "wow" factor for this generation.

4. People Can Tell When You've Looked At Their Profile

No more social media stalking with Linkedin. I found this out the hard way. When I first checked out linked in, I was clicking from profile to profile having no idea people get notified that I viewed their profile. Not until someone finally viewed my profile and I was notified, did I realize this. Ugh! Linkedin... let me stalk! You're the worst!

In today's digital world, you thankfully have other options when it comes to networking yourself or your business. Millennial or not, Linkedin is not a social media platform your want to spend your time on. It is not evolving and benefitting it's users like other platforms that are available. For me personally, I have seen a lot of my networking efforts benefit my company through Twitter chats or Facebook groups.

How do you feel about Linkedin?