Why Neuroscience Matters To You

Scientists examining wired human brain
Scientists examining wired human brain

Modern neuroscience is sharing so many insights into why we do what we do. This expanding field offers the opportunity for all of us to learn about ourselves and others, and how we can better communicate, motivate, inspire and just plain collaborate together.

I'm so excited that our next generations of women will have access to this powerful and applicable knowledge. Using these discoveries, we can all help each other to be simply unstoppable! Here are a few examples of the amazing power of our minds and how we can leverage our minds to create our best life, ever.

We are Humans in Everything We Do

The reality is that we are humans, period. If we think we can separate our humanity from our career - we're only fooling ourselves. We bring all of our humanity to bear on behaviors and decisions in our lives, careers and families. So why not learn what makes us humans "tick" so that we can be better at everything we do? That makes more sense to me than trying to shut down our humanity - which we can't do anyway. Since I started studying practices such as neural linguistic programming, quantum biology, quantum mechanics and more, I've learned so much about how and why we think and behave as we do - especially the seemingly irrational decisions and behaviors. For example, did you know that:
  • Our unconscious mind directs ~ 95% of our behaviors and decisions. Our minds are designed to automate as much as possible in our lives. The result is we make decisions and take actions based on our mindware programs (the software that runs our brain). We each create our mindware based on our past experiences. No wonder we get stuck in yesterday's news!
  • We're programmed to hang onto the status quo until we see that the status quo as being unsafe. It's called the status quo bias and it's a very strong program designed to keep us safe. Whenever we see a change, we sense it as a threat and hunker down in the status quo. Now that certainly explains a lot about behavior, doesn't it?
  • We also have a program called the herd instinct. Whenever we agree with a group, our brain sends out a bliss chemical to make us feel good about it. If we begin to stray from the herd, our brain sends out a threat chemical to send us back to the group. That's why we see people following the strongest leader in the team.
There are many other programs that drive our lives. Finally, we know the truth. Life really is all in our minds! The great news is that we can each learn to upgrade our mindware programs to step into new behaviors, beliefs and more choices about our lives.
Upgrading Your Mindware
Here are three steps to begin to upgrade your mindware. Try them for a month and you will see a change!
  • Ask questions instead of making statements. Statements narrow your unconscious mind's focus onto that single focus and it looks for a program to respond. When you ask a question, your unconscious mind asks your conscious mind to get involved. You see more options for behavior and beliefs, and your world expands.
  • Make the status quo unsafe. That doesn't mean scaring yourself or others...you'll only feed the threat response and hunker down more. What it does mean is to give yourself and others the positive reasons for moving away from the status quo. By making the status quo appear unsafe, you unhook the status quo bias program and free your mind to seek new options.
  • Step away from the herd. By simply taking a step away from the herd and making a new observation, you can show others that it's okay to move away. By rewarding those who step away with you, into new ideas and thinking, you unhook the threat chemical and give them a bliss hit instead.

The Bottom Line

What a great time to be alive! We can learn what makes us tick, find the limiting mindware and then upgrade it to step into our best possible selves and lives.

Since I began working with neuroscience, I've reprogrammed everything so many limiting beliefs; from my feelings of unworthiness thanks to childhood abuse to mindware limited how I saw myself in the world. I use it every day to clear away whatever mindware program is in my way. It's simple and it works.

What if you could upgrade every program that bounds your perceptions and your potential? What if you could see new and exciting choices about everything in your life? What would you rewrite?

The power is right there. It's All in Your Mind!