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Why Norway Is One of the Most Remarkable Destinations in the World

Norway is becoming a top destination on travellers bucket lists, but what gives this country its charm?
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Norway is becoming a top destination on travellers bucket lists, but what gives this country its charm?

1. The nature

This magical country has some of the most stunning natural scenery in the world which is why it is at the top of my bucket list. If you visit Norway it would be a crime not to take a camera with you to capture it. The Fjords are always top on the list of places you need to visit to get that perfect picture shot, there is plenty to choose from so you're guaranteed to find somewhere quiet and secluded. Flåm and the Nærøyfjord are the most popular for tourists with hundreds to thousands of people visiting each day! The Fjords are easily accessible on the west coast so make sure you head to this part of the country.
Norway offers diversity, from the staggering mountain climbs, to looking down at the beautiful lakes and chilling out at the white sandy beaches in Stavanger, located in the south. If you want a country that really has it all, this should be top on your list.


2. One of Mother Natures most beautiful events -- Northern Lights

If you head to the North, you may catch the Northern lights, one of the most beautiful and memorable things to see in your lifetime. This area is also known for wildlife safaris and the place of the Sami, Norway's indigenous people. You can learn a lot about ancient traditions and the history of this destination. Make sure you dress up warm!


3. Easy to get to and value for money!

This place is becoming an increasingly popular destination with travellers coming from the UK. Travel specialists, offer once in a lifetime itineraries which are great value for money, and the best part it's easy travel because everything is sorted for you! From London, the flights are direct so it will only take a 2 hour flight to get to the capital, Oslo. It is one place that you will feel like you have spent your money well and on unforgettable experiences.

It has been named time and time again one of the most beautiful places on earth. Coming from New Zealand, nature is something that is important to me and a big factor when I travel. I feel like this country is the perfect place for outdoorsy adventurers that want to have some amazing experiences which is why it is high on my list for places to see. You can hike, kayak the Fjords, watch the unforgettable lights and even catch a glimpse of a killer whale. Oh did I mention that because it is situated above the Arctic Circle, in the summertime it experiences 24 hour sun? How amazing!


4. Happy People

Norway was named the second happiest country in 2013. It isn't a surprise since the nature of this place is truly magical and something out of this world. How could you not be happy with views like that?

Are you convinced to experience this magical wonderland yet? You are guaranteed to make all your Facebook friends jealous with the photos your about to take!