Why Paris Needs More than Your Prayers Right Now

Conceptual symbol of multiracial human hands surrounding the Earth globe. Unity, world peace, humanity concept.
Conceptual symbol of multiracial human hands surrounding the Earth globe. Unity, world peace, humanity concept.

"If we have no peace it is because we have forgotten we belong to each other ." -Mother Theresa

A terrible tragedy occurred in one of the most beautiful and toured cities in the world recently and all we can say is "Our Hearts Are With You, You are in my prayers"?

Paris and this world need more than our prayers right now people. Prayer is a sacred practice and while very powerful it isn't going to change the state of affairs our world is in. It is the same as saying let's pray for people diagnosed with incurable diseases as if the disease will go away.

We haven't found a cure for AIDS or Cancer or War just yet. Beyond prayer we need change.

We need to stand up and change the face of humanity. People need more than prayers to come out of the darkness. The world needs action and people who care enough to not just make a stand but to look at one another and ask what we can do to help each other.

It seems we as a country, nation and world turn a blind eye to tragedy if it doesn't happen to us on a personal level. We can only send donations, thoughts and prayers to a place where people are suffering and humans are killing humans.

Life has become this madhouse of plugging in and tuning out. We forget to acknowledge each other, make eye contact or say hello to the person serving us our coffee because we are too busy in our own "worlds" to notice what is happening around us.

It's time to disconnect from the phone/technology madness and start finding a way to bring more humanity back into the world and into each other's hearts.

Somehow people have fallen, lost their way and entered a state of darkness and all we can do is sit on the sidelines, post photos of peace for Paris on Facebook and say our hearts are with you.

I'm sorry but that is not enough for me. When will we realize that these statements and passive actions are meaningless and hold no power? We can't change the state of a tragedy in this country with Facebook or Viral Photos for Peace.

Passive action and words are not enough to save the world people.

Taking steps to help the person next to us is what is needed to help shift the vibration in the human race.

We may not be able to change the world as a whole but we can help to change even one person's life. It is in my personal belief that the reason for so much war and tragedy is that we have forgotten the meaning of true care, love and concern for the human race.

So many of us have been steered wrong, fallen into the wrong crowd of people, abandoned or disowned and treated like outcasts of society not just by our family but the world around us.

Let's focus on building each other up rather than tearing each other down. Let's focus on becoming a beacon of change in our communities, a light in a place of darkness and remind people they are special and loved.

This world doesn't just need prayer. This world needs YOU. When was the last time someone walked into your life and reminded you that you were meant to be and do more than what you are doing?

Was there anyone who reminded you that you are special and unique in your own way and you too have something to give to the world?

I remember many times when I was down on my luck, depressed and wondering if I'd make it to the next day but somehow little angels appeared making me believe in myself again.

An act of kindness goes a long way for someone who is struggling. Beyond prayer, let's return to our hearts and remember that kindness is the face of humanity.

In my former days in the military, we were trained to never leave anyone behind. If there was one person to be the weakest link then we were ALL the weakest link. So if there are others suffering we are also and need to step up and help that person.

Be it someone homeless, a drug addict, terrorist, shooter. They either never found their way out of world very dark or lost it somehow and lost faith in not only themselves but in the world.

So in honor of those we lost in the Paris attacks and on 9/11 let us also honor ourselves and the world by doing something to change it.

Let's remember that we belong to each other and bring peace to a world of madness.

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