Mayonnaise Haters: Why People Despise It

Explaining Our Hatred For Mayo: Quotes From Obama, Fallon And More

We live in a divided world. Republicans and Democrats are constantly in debate. PC users never see eye to eye with those who prefer Macs. And then there's mayonnaise; some people love it, applying it to their food liberally, and others hate it -- despise it even.

Mayonnaise haters are not in the minority (as some mayonnaise lovers might think -- myself included). Barack Obama doesn't care for it. Jimmy Fallon thinks it looks like pus. There are even websites dedicated to explaining the foulness of this egg-and-oil based spread.

And it doesn't end there. You can buy t-shirts that express your hatred and watch endless Youtube videos of people who feel the same way. How do you feel about mayonnaise?

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It looks like ..

Mayonnaise Haters

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