Why Perfectionists Don't Make Successful Entrepreneurs

Jo Davidson Blog: Why Perfectionists Don't Make Successful Entrepreneurs

Ok, before we start, if you know that you're a perfectionist, then be warned that I'm going to be dishing out some straight talking facts here. And it may not be easy to read them but, if you're committed to success, then you'll thank me for it afterwards.

Because, the fact is that perfectionists are losers!

And that's not to say that you are a loser personally, but that by hanging on to perfectionism you will lose as an entrepreneur.

Because, perfectionism is just fear, all wrapped up in perfectly pretty packaging.

And, whether you're stuck trying to create a perfect message, a perfect offer, a perfect product, a perfect service, or even a perfect you; you're fighting a losing battle.

You see, trying to make yourself, and your stuff, perfect is simply a way of trying to avoid judgement and criticism from others. It's the worry of being found wanting. It's the fear of not being good enough (a fear that no amount of striving and tweaking will eliminate).

And, such fearful perfectionism keeps your stuff locked away where people can't benefit from it. So, if you came into this entrepreneurial game to make a difference for your clients, for your audience, then holding back, or not shouting loudly and proudly enough about what you do have, is a massive disservice to them and to you.

So it's time to get really honest about what you're afraid of, and make a decision to put yourself out there anyway.

Then, get busy spreading the word about you and your amazing stuff because done is way better than perfect and, once you're moving forward, you can always correct course along the way.

Jo xx

Jo Davidson is a Business Coach, Author, and Motivational Speaker, who has forged a successful career supporting women entrepreneurs to fulfill their potential, by fearlessly creating a highly visible personal brand online, which enables them to attract and convert perfect clients without drama, and create a thriving community of raving fans. Connect with Jo today at The Fearless Women's Circle.