Why Persistence Pays Off When it Comes to Marketing


Anyone who's ever operated a garage sale or lemonade stand knows the most important aspect of any business is having a product or service that people want. Not everyone, however, recognizes that a close second is making sure that product or service is marketed effectively.

Investing in marketing is the best way - the only way - to ensure your message reaches and resonates with consumers. Competition is fierce in any industry. If there's a market, it will attract competitors. That's the essence of capitalism, and it's not changing any time soon. Staying relevant often hinges on a business's ability to stand out among the chaos, and be the loudest, most compelling voice in the room.

Making the extra investment in your marketing can help you transform from the "hunted" to the "hunter." That's not to say, however, that you need to spend millions on prime time TV commercials to get your message across. The digital renaissance has unearthed a myriad of affordable marketing tactics that, when executed properly, can all but ensure a strong ROI. From retargeting ads and paid search, to SEO and social media, understanding how the Internet has changed the marketing landscape is fundamental to your business's growth.

The unprecedented new ways to track campaign results are arguably the biggest benefit of marketing in the digital age. It has forced marketing agencies to be more accountable when it comes to their clients' ROI, and has enabled the best agencies to stand out among their peers. At Rebuild Nation, we've helped many of our clients attract more than 100 new patients per month and achieve an average 4:1 ROI. We're able to deliver such great results by tracking every dollar our clients spend and reallocating their budgets on the fly so not a cent goes to waste.

While the outcome of effective marketing is almost always positive, it's important to understand that the results are not always immediate. Like any area of business, persistence pays off when it comes to marketing. Millionaires aren't made overnight, and converting throngs of lifelong customers doesn't happen in a day. It takes time for your messaging to hit home, and for consumers to work up the confidence to try something new.

Consumers are a stubborn and fickle bunch; creatures of habit who need to be poked and prodded before embracing change. This is especially true in the health care industry, which is inherently personal and therefore harder to sell. Investing the necessary amount of time, money and patience will pay enormous dividends down the road. By contrast, neglecting your marketing and assuming consumers will flock to your business "just because" can have catastrophic consequences.

We know that your business isn't bloated with available marketing dollars, and that you'd rather invest your money in staff and inventory. This makes sense on a surface level, but challenge yourself to think long-term. At Rebuild Nation, we've helped countless businesses achieve tremendous growth through cost-effective, risk-averse marketing strategies that result in customer acquisition.