Why Pokemon Go Is The Best Dating App

Pokemon Go is impossible to escape. It's now common to see people racing to the nearest park in hopes of catching a rare Pokemon or groups gathering outside a McDonald's that doubles as a PokeGym. Pokemon is officially changing our everyday lives. Sleep, eat, breathe, catch 'em all, repeat. The process is so addictive that the app is overtaking Tinder, making Pokemon Go the most effective dating app on the market for five simple reasons.

It's brought back meeting people in public again.

No, you're not swiping potential partners left and right, or even actively looking for anyone to hook up with, but Pokemon GO greatly increases the chances of you meeting someone. You know, in real life. This rejuvenates the classic 'chance encounter' and adds a little more excitement and spontaneity.

You already know you share similar interests.

Any two people playing Pokemon Go have at least one thing in common: they are trying to be the very best, like no one ever was. This is a great conversation opener. Now when you look up from your phone screen and lock eyes with a fellow trainer, it eliminates any awkward attempts to come up with something cool to talk about. You already have 151 things in common.

You finally have an excuse to use all those Pokemon pickup lines.

I know you've been waiting to drop the "I'd choose you" line on a beautiful human being. This is the one time it won't come across as creepy. Maybe it still will, but at least there's context now. It's quirky and fun in the context of the current phenomena that is Pokemon GO. Just some advice though, maybe don't open with "Metapod used harden."

It's does away with the superficial approach of conventional dating apps.

Apps like Tinder, Happn, Hinge have people accepting and rejecting each other based on vapid, surface level nonsense like a person's wannabe Geodude biceps. Such is not the case with Pokemon Go. People can finally judge others based on what really matters: which team they're on. If they're on team Mystic or Instinct, you're probably compatible and if they're on team Valor, you can leave them to die alone.

Spontaneous dates are now a greater possibility.

As far as fun dates are concerned, getting to know each other over catching Pokemon and exploring your surroundings far outshines a boring movie date. You want a date that's really hot, refreshing and electrifying? Well together you could be tracking down the legendary three. Can you say, "Power Couple".

There you have it, Pokemon Go - a dating app so effective that you might as well start saving up for the wedding right now. Lure modules are expensive, but they're probably the only way you'll get people to attend your poke-wedding.