Why Politics Isn't About Politics Anymore


Politics is the practice or theory of influencing other people. The definition of the word, "Politics" is derived from Greek, meaning "of, for, or relating to citizens".

I wonder what it would be like here in the United States if politicians actually acted as if they were bringing the meaning of politics to life.

Here, right now in America, we have candidates competing to be President of The United States. That role certainly sounds important. And it certainly sounds like a job for a committed, passionate, and educated individual.

Unfortunately, what's actually happening during the Presidential race is similar to something out of the hit TV show, "Big Brother," or, "Survivor". There's not a thing that I have seen or heard throughout any of the debates, that would be associated with the actual meaning of politics.

What we call politics has become nothing more than some crazed reality show where we have to decide who gets voted off the island. Then we're left with the survivor as our president, pretty much by default.

If one wants to lead and relate to their fellow citizens, shouldn't one at least make an attempt to do so? The only candidate I really see trying to relate in any real way is Bernie Sanders. And this is probably why he won't win, because politics as we know it is not about relating. It's about winning.

Besides the name calling, stiff smiles, arguing, and constant media circus, what does politics even mean anymore?

Does relating to your fellow citizens mean apologizing about private email accounts gone wrong, or slamming other people with insults about how they look?

Truly, our candidates and eventual President should be a representation of ourselves, should they not? An all powerful extension of what the majority of people really want within our government, nation, and communities.

So, if you support Donald Trump, then he would be representing an extension of yourself, right? Trump would represent mostly - if not everything - that you, yourself, stand for. This also goes for Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, etc.

If we were to have a wider array of candidates who represent the needs of American citizens in a realistic way, then we might have more of a genuine debate up there on the podiums about things that are of practical use to Americans.

I'm not interested in hearing candidates insult each other about how ugly they are or if they sweat too much. That's not paying my bills, or getting us better jobs, or helping to raise our children in a clean, safe, productive environment. Is it helping you?

Aren't politicians supposed to be working for us?


If politicians are supposed to influence people, then why are we only seeing hate and smear campaigns? Is this who we are as a people? Just followers of the ones who happen to be wealthy and ambitious enough to enter the presidential race?

It makes no difference that Donald Trump says he doesn't pander to corporations for campaign money. He's still in the race because he has enough money to be there.

Hillary Clinton is a seasoned, politically connected, and well-funded candidate, but at the end of the day, I don't feel a great connection to her.

I agree with most of what Bernie Sanders says, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to have more options besides him. But, because politics is not actually about politics anymore, we have to settle for who can afford to sway our voting hand with the things they say.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a leader whose politics meant something? Whose voice could overshadow wealth, corruption, and hate? Someone who needed nothing to win except a passion for relating to their fellow citizens and our votes?

You can call me an idealist, but the fact remains that the candidates we have here are less than desirable.

If we the people are the ones our candidates want to relate to and represent, then they should all drop out of the current race in sincere protest, until the election process becomes about how they can influence our votes - not with money, private jets, insults or sneers - but with their ideas, plans, and vision of what they want the country to be like for everyone.

But this will not happen, because the Presidential race is not about the people or the country, it's about power.

If any of these candidates really wanted to make America great again, they would stop the insanity and pave a clear, solid, dignified way to leadership.

By Michelle Zunter

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