Why Professional Development Is The Ultimate Career-Booster

Why Professional Development Is The Ultimate Career-Booster
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As I boarded the plane Friday night, the statement that I will never be “too cool for school” resonated very clearly in my mind.

I had spent the last 4 days learning, growing, and bonding with some of the best and brightest writers in the industry at the annual resume writers’ conference held by The National Resume Writers’ Association. I felt just as excited and on information overload on Friday night as I did when I attended my first conference several years ago.

As I sat in my seat, I pulled out a small notebook that features the quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” You see, I had spent more than 11 years of my career life attending professional development conferences and acquiring continuing education in the legal profession. Each time I would attend one of these sessions, I learned at least one or two new avenues of thinking or solutions for both myself and my clients. These professional development conferences always served as a terrific method for challenging my thoughts to accommodate new trends or new legal issues.

In my daily business as an executive resume writer and career coach, I stress to my clients the importance of continuing education courses. I’ve coached many clients to furthering their knowledge through online certificate programs for project management, sales execution, human resources leadership, and executive management. These are incredible resume boosters and terrific leverage for letting a company know that you are committed to increasing your talent and performance.

In today’s world, trends are constantly changing and those who call themselves “industry experts” must stay on top of the latest knowledge for the betterment of the clients they serve. There is something to be said about those resume writers who take 4 days out of running their business to acquire more knowledge and skills to leverage for their job seeker clients. With applicant tracking systems changing the way resumes are read, and LinkedIn being the most powerful tool for job seekers today, it’s imperative that a resume writer and career coach stay abreast of the trends and nuances.

In a world of internet marketing and virtual workplaces, anyone can drop the term “expert,” but as I explain to my clients, a true and dedicated “expert” maintains an arsenal of tools that are constantly being revamped, updated, and fine-tuned. This is done through a serious commitment to professional development -- training, certifications, seminars, and conferences.

The power of learning is something that never dies. Whether you graduated yesterday or 20 years ago, continuing education through professional development training is powerful and a necessity for greater professional growth. In life, the only way to be great at what you to is to consistently challenge yourself to be better through advancing your own knowledge, skills, and education. In the careers industry, a resume writer and career coach who attends conferences, summits, and other professional development seminars is committed to not just his or her career success, but yours as well.

When searching for a professional in an industry, always ask what organizations and associations he or she belongs to, and always follow it up with the most important question: Do you attend annual conferences and summits to advance your knowledge and training?

EXPERT TIP: Add seminars, conferences, and training sessions to your resume. Let the prospective employer know that you are committed expanding your education and skills through concrete examples.

At the end of the day, knowledge is power for you and the people you serve. Hold onto it, challenge it, and advance yourself.

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