Why Purpose-Driven Social Brands Will Win Marketing 3.0 [Infographic]

In a consumer-driven economy, the good a company does is increasingly becoming its defining competitive advantage. While CSR, cause marketing and sustainability might have seemed like nice-to-dos just a few years ago, articulating your brand's core values is now critical in terms of the reputational, employee productivity, and bottom line impact to your company.

As Rich Fernandez, Director of Executive Development at Google, said recently at Sustainable Brands '13,

If a company's product is not improving lives, it's diminishing them." In the face of rising consumer activism, Marketing 3.0 will be won by those who become purpose-driven social brands. To do so, the CMO, CSO, CSR, and Foundation leads must align to bring a cohesive brand story to life that clearly defines the company's "social license to operate.

Check out our latest infographic below with some cold hard facts that make it clear the future of profit is purpose, and the most iconic brands of the future will be those that drive the most meaningful social impact.

You can get hands-on training from some of the best marketers in the world on how to become a purpose-driven, social brand and thanks to the creators of all the original studies -- they contain a wealth of data vital for your company's future: 2012 Edelman GoodPurpose Study, Havas Media "Meaningful Brands" Global Report 2013, 2013 Deloitte Core Beliefs & Culture survey, 2013 Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study.

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