Why Real Estate Agents Should Be Focusing On Social Media

Why Real Estate Agents Should Be Focusing On Social Media
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Over the past decade, social media networks such as Facebook have disrupted how Real Estate Agents find, engage, and market to prospective homebuyers and sellers.

Real estate agents and brokers who can harness the power of social media to manage and market property will gain enormous advantage over the agents who don’t.

At the end of the day using Social Media correctly will lead to:

Brand awareness + Social awareness + multiple leads + loyal customers = MORE MONEY FOR YOU

Yes, you are an agent who sells homes. And yes, you are pretty good at it. But what if you started to think of yourself as a business owner? What do you think would happen??

I work with a ton of agents on building Facebook ads and funnels to collect leads. And the majority of agents have no idea what their core message is, what their USP is and have NO idea how to come up with content for their business.

Why am I telling you all this??

Because it's time to reel it back a bit and focus on the basics.


1st: Know your USP (Unique Selling Point)

Why should someone buy from you versus the other agent down the street??

Take a few moments to write out the following:

- What is your mission?

- What are your beliefs?

- What are your values?

- Who do you help?

- What pain points do you solve?

- What are your likes/dislikes?

2nd: Know who your ideal client is and what their problems are. (Build out an avatar)

- What keeps them awake at night?

- What are they afraid of?

- What makes them angry/frustrated?

- What trends are occurring in their lives… businesses/lives...

- Are they logical? Are they passionate?

- List out demographics: age, location, relationship status, kids, type of work, income, desires, hobbies…

- Who else is selling to them?

- Who else TRIED to sell to them but failed?

- Once you have done this, you will…

- Know exactly what language they use.

- What marketing medium is best for your avatar.

- How to take away their pain.

- What and HOW to sell to them.

3rd: Think of yourself as a publisher & offer value

Create value through content with no expectations.

Your ideal client is going to know you as THE EXPERT and THE AUTHORITY in your field if you do this right.

Focus on helping and serving your target audience with information and entertainment they value and need.

Try shifting from the “always selling” mindset to the “always giving” mindset.

Daily schedule:

9 am: post an article link

11 am: motivational post

12: personal post

2 pm: mic drop post - educate and infotain.

5 pm: Story or client testimonial

8 pm: Promote (keep this to 2x per week)



It Must Provide a Solution to ONE Problem!


Regardless of how people find their way to your website, they're looking for a way to alleviate a frustration or fulfill a particular desire.

Your opt-in offer is a quick taste of the sort of information the visitor will find on your website currently and in the future. To be effective, it must target a problem specific to your audience.

Your opt-in offer should provide one solution to one incredibly annoying problem.


  • A one page cheatsheet
  • A 5 minute training video
  • A quiz.
  • A free report.
  • A free 10 step plan to sell your house in 30 days.
  • A free webinar
  • A free audio training.

Remember that 90% of your audience are complete novices. Create it for them! Using your opt-in offer should require as little skill as possible.

Your Facebook ad copy should speak to the curious and the motivated.

Speak to the convenience you can bring them and headaches you can save them.


Ad → funnel → landing page → Thank you page with offer.


The 1st ad would be to cold traffic and highly targeted. “Traffic ad” and go directly to a landing page with video training or blog post. No opt-in.

(A pixel will be set up on landing page)

Target based on the client avatar we created earlier.

2nd ad: Retarget traffic ad.- The ad would have a landing page to a list of every one story home for sale in their city (Or "see what homes are available in X area for Y price range")

The landing page would have a pop-up, which captures info and the “thank you page” will have the list.


A few things to remember:

  • TEST
  • Commit
  • Don’t become part of the “noise” and be seen as a salesperson instead of a value provider.
  • Be confident. Do the work. Fail often. Fail fast. Pick yourself up and keep going.
  • Have fun!!

Andi Wickman is an entrepreneur, speaker, and Social Media Strategist for Real Estate agents. You can hang out with her in her private facebook group for Realtors who want to conquer Social Media for leads.

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