Why Relationships Are Key for Enterprise Deals in 2016


For enterprise technology sales in 2016, relationship building is more important than it ever has been. In the past, a product could speak for itself, and cold marketing strategies were powerful. Now, however, outbound marketing strategies are no longer as effective as they once were. SEO is harder to achieve with increased competition, and emailing, cold calling, snail mail, trade shows, and other outbound techniques are less effective now that customers have become more aware and cognizant of the constant influx of marketing. As a sales person, your ability to establish a meaningful relationship with your customer is more important than it was five years ago, back when customers were more likely to be swayed by outbound marketing techniques.

Successfully exceeding quota in enterprise sales is contingent on your ability to quickly and effectively create a meaningful connection with your client. Building rapport through trust and empathy with clients is critical for bringing in new business, driving growth, and growing brand. Here are eight things to keep in mind to close enterprise deals in 2016.

1. Customers have access to more information than they ever had before

People now have access to virtually unlimited data right at their finger tips. To learn about company or a product, it is very easy to do an online search and pull up a plethora of information within minutes. Thus, a Customer has made 50% of their decision before even talking to a sales person. By the time you get on the phone with them, they already know about your business and your product. The power is in the customer's hands more than before.

2. Persistence is key

Don't rely on customers to call you back. Always remember: you need them more than they need you. They have dozens of options as they choose between you and your competitors. You have only two options: you either close the deal or you don't.

3. Outbound marketing strategies are less effective

Cold calls and emails don't have the impact they once did. With the tremendous influx and constant spamming-like nature of outbound marketers, customers have become jaded. Customers recognize instantly when they see an add, and outbound strategies have less power. New marketing strategies like interactive content are taking precedence, and it is becoming more important than before for the sales person to rely on his own prowess and ability to form a connection.

5. Relationships are key for getting new business

Relationships are the single most important factor in driving new business. Customers choose companies not based on product, but on how much they like and trust the company. If you can build rapport with your customer, you will win the deal.

6. Leverage your relation to upsell and cross sell

Upselling and cross selling opportunities come easily when you have established trust with your customer. If you have built rapport with the customer, then the upsell or cross sell will hardly be a sell at all.

7. Leverage your relationship to to get referalls

If your customer trusts you, they will refer their friends and colleagues to you. This is the most important factor in growing your brand for your company. People talk about people more than they talk about product.

8. Relationships to get renewals

If your customer likes you, they wont do business elsewhere when their license is expiring.

Ultimately, paying extra attention and effort to your relationships with clients will be key to build the brand and increase market share in 2016 and beyond.

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