‎Why Shifting Love Is the Best Way to Deal With the Paris Attacks

Today, for the first time in my life, I find myself speechless, wordless even, after Friday's attacks.

But that is exactly the feeling that terrorism wants to create, one of diminishment and powerlessness -- that we are so filled with terror we can no longer be who we were. I was too frightened to write and I refuse to buy into the pandemic fear the perpetrators wish to spread.

Worse still is the toxic virus of hate they spread through their acts that are destined to divide communities and instill a desire for retaliation.

It is natural, of course, to want to try and make sense of the senseless. But in our pursuit for justice, it is easy to slip into pointless finger pointing.

I have seen many comments, some highly inflammatory, accusing governments and religions. Others bemoan the "limelight" that the Paris attacks received. Other are inciting more aggressive action.

Yet none of it will bring back those we lost. ‎None of it will soothe the searing pain of those who are battling grievous injuries. None of it will make us feel any better about saying goodbye to our children as they walk to school without us.

The happiness function in our brains is activated when we are caring for others, when we are thinking kind thoughts and, equally, it is closed down by destructive emotions such as anger and despair

Shifting positive feelings must be our focus now. To support those in need in whatever way we can. If you are a musician, post a song. A florist? Dedicate a display. A chef? Make cakes for those waiting in despair at hospitals. Give blood; say a kind word on Facebook; linger longer in an embrace. Every action born out of compassion will top ‎up this boundless bank of love.

Love of those around us, friend or stranger, is what will help us through this abhorrence.

They may plot against us, bomb us, shoot us, but they cannot take away the light in our hearts that will only grow as more and more people and communities unite.

We must pour calming words thoughts and sentiments on every wound inflicted, and every soul taken from us.

It is time to trust our leaders, believe that our governments are doing the best and work with all the nations around the world.

And the converse is true, if we slip into negative destructive thinking we become their inadvertent accomplices. By blaming, accusing or punishing others we turn their cause into a reality, we surrender to them.

To quote a very wise man, "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering."

We are all Jedis, we are the innocent victims of the Dark Side, but the force will be strong with us again and we will strike back with our swords of peace and ammunition of love.

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