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Why Should Anyone Listen to Me?

You shouldn't be afraid to try things and you certainly shouldn't listen to other people's opinion on whether or not things "suit" you.
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I want to admit something: I'm a fraud. I've weirdly put myself into a position of authority through my intense and undying love for makeup and the like. But when people preface questions to me with "you're a beauty writer..." it fills me with dread. I've actually had nightmares about people in the comments section logically destroying my articles, systematically taking down my clothing and makeup "philosophies." I have built myself a house on a pile of sand or whatever the phrase is, because one day I'm sure I'm going to be exposed, that my secret is going to come out. I don't actually know anything.

Well, maybe I'm being a bit hard on myself. Because I tend to have slightly skewed priorities when it comes to buying lipsticks, I have tried quite a lot of things. Thus, I think I'm a pretty good judge of what makes a product good. When I recommend something, it's because I have found it to be of an exceptional standard. Also, I'm by nature a frugal person. I like shopping and spending (unfortunately) but I don't like to feel like I've been ripped off. Having worked difficult jobs for minimum wage, I don't want to feel like I've traded an hours pay (and thus an hour of my invaluable time -- time that could be spent knitting or doing nothing) for something that seems like a waste. I want maximum effect for minimum price -- and sometimes this does mean I have to judge that pricier things are undeniably better and thus "worth it."

But more than this, I also have what some would call an unfounded confidence in myself and my choices. I am of the mindset that everything that I like is, by association (with me) cool. Therefore I am also cool, because all of my clothes and makeup are. It's a cyclical, self-fulfilling philosophy on coolness and life and I highly recommend it. If I want to wear something (or bleach my hair white for no good reason) I will. I would never let my aesthetic desires or whimsies go unsatisfied. It makes getting dressed and putting on makeup fun, which is exactly what it should be, not scary, which is exactly what it shouldn't be.

I guess what I'm getting at here is that it feels good to confidently know and trust yourself. You shouldn't be afraid to try things and you certainly shouldn't listen to other people's opinion on whether or not things "suit" you. Literally, what is the point of not being confident? It won't help anything. And I know it's easier to proclaim "be more confident!" than to actually practice the refined art of being more confident. But you can reap all the benefits of confidence (mostly wearing-lipstick related) without necessarily feeling it on the inside. That will come later, as long as you keep on telling yourself how cool you are.

And this seems a bit of a contradiction in terms, I know. Don't listen to what anyone else thinks -- except for me! I am the only person in the whole universe you need to please! But that isn't what I mean. I listen to me, because I am me. But you are all not me. You need to trust your own opinions and tastes. Hate everything I wear and do -- that's fine! But don't hate that I'm allowed to wear and do these things and feel happy about them. So what I'm saying is you shouldn't listen to what I say at all except for right now: listen to yourself.