Why Small Business Owners Should Stop Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Why Small Business Owners Should Stop Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals
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Listen, I’m always interested in a “deal”. But what happens when you sell a product that is traditionally associated with the Holiday Season? I reached out to my friends at STARTplanner who were kind enough to give me an interview, and provide their unique perspective on why they do not do Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. Their products, which are day, weekly and yearly planners, are for the most part all purchased from November through Mid January. The time when most retailers are discounting their products. So without too much preamble, check out their interview (in italics) below.


We have been getting asked if we are doing any deals surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and rightfully so! If there is a deal, "home girl” is the first who wants to know! 😉 Here is why we don’t participate in Cyber Monday or Black Friday and why we don't believe in ever discounting our products.

We are not fans of marketing schemes and we believe in charging a fair price for a product that meets the needs of our customers. Our planners are priced to sell and we don't play around with marking them up so we can offer discounts later. We want to provide you with the best product at the best value.

We understand that our planners are more expensive than the ones you may find at a local office supplies store and that is because they are filled with content that you won’t find in any other. Our planners are organized by design for productivity and every aspect has carefully been thought through.

We know that if you get a planner and use it, the cost of the planner will be outweighed by far when you learn to save money on groceries every week, budget and pay off that loan, eat healthier, exercise more and crush those lists and feel more balanced. This is why we created STARTplanner. To change lives.

We are a small business and we don't plan to treat anyone that buys a product from us as part of our marketing plan. We plan to treat them as a wife, a mom, a recent grad, a husband, or an entrepreneur who is investing in something to better their lives.

We are a company that believes in people, in fairness and in making a product that creates more space for intentional moments for YOU. We are so thankful for our customers and we do what we do because of your support. Hearing your success stories that have resulted in using our planners is what fuels our passion for STARTplanner. Thank you for believing in us!”.

Ok, I’m back in control again. We as consumers were trained by large corporations to wait for the 4th quarter to buy things. Due to things being cheaper during this time period, small business owners ended up losing. If you produce a product that is a great value, well then why do you have to discount it just because everyone else does? Fact is, you do not. If you make a product that stands on it’s own merit then you do not need to discount it as long as the marketplace tells you (by continuing to purchase your product) that it is willing to pay full price.

When as a culture we do not value something, it is often a result of the company not doing a great job providing proof that their product is valuable. In the absence of value, price is the only determining factor. So, if you want to maximize profits and have a more loyal fan base, then I urge you to not discount your products. Do not be lazy. Instead provide a massive reason(s) why your customers should buy from you. Then they will have no problem buying regardless if you do not discount while others do. Build a brand, build a culture.

You need proof? Ok, look at Apple. Drop the Mic.

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