Why Smart Business Owners Are Opting for Explainer Videos

Why Smart Business Owners Are Opting for Explainer Videos
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It is interesting to note that in this digital age, human beings have attention span that is shorter than that of goldfish; the human attention span has shortened from twelve seconds to six seconds in more than a decade. People are becoming more and more saturated and tired of reading. They want to see more and read less. The attention that a user gives to a web page is minimal. They are distracted by anything, they scan the content at an increasingly faster speed and unless they see something that really seems interesting and differentiating, it is likely that in less than 5-10 seconds, they close the tab of a webpage in most the cases.

How then can you capture and attract someone's attention and captivate them with your great idea? It is simple and easy! With an explainer video, you can condense your great idea into a fun and attractive story for your consumers. Here are some important reasons to consider using explainer video if you want your story, brand or business to be known:

Improve Website Traffic

An animated video can unlock the mind and heart of your client. Has it happened to you that even if you update your site, it does not give the results you are looking for? This is because your visitors do not like to read. For many people, actually for most, reading is like work, while watching explainer video is like a game. That is why the use of explainer video has had a big explosion on the Internet.

"Explainer videos spark the interest of the target group. A study we conducted showed that 53% feels better informed after watching an explainer video and 39% feels more interested in the topic. Nowadays, any website visitor expects to have the option to watch a video for brief introduction. Being a smart business owner, one can take the advantage of explainer videos and share explanatory stories to connect their audiences for more engagement," according to Karsten Boehrs, CEO & Co-Owner of simpleshow, the company that developed mysimpleshow; a web based platform that allows anyone to create their own professional explainer videos in easy and fast steps. “We have made creating such powerful videos easy with the help of our Explainer Engine that “auto-magically” transforms your script into a great explainer video. With Thousands of original illustrations available, our core intelligence will also transform any written text into voiceover at the end. Our mission is to provide better creativity in the field of visual storytelling that improves user experiences.” he continues.

Require less Effort

A text needs to be read, you must scroll with the mouse, review even some lines if the same is complicated and requires your utmost attention to take advantage of what you are reading. In contrast, an explainer video requires practically nothing more than to pay attention with your eyes and ears while watching it alone.

In addition, it is much easier to entertain through a video than a text or image and get a person to see it. Studies conducted in 2014 show that while texts are scanned and discarded quickly, videos often attract attention and keep 6 out of 10 viewers for at least few seconds to some minutes.

Connect your Audience

There are limitations to what you can do with traditional web content. Have you failed to attract your target audience effectively? The era of cramming your website with flashy animations, colorful fonts and numerous images is gone.

Each of these confuses prospective clients the more and can slow down the loading time of your webpages. You can avoid any of these disasters by keeping your website tidy with explainer videos while giving your potential customers enough resources to be engaged with.

Increase Online Conversion

The confidence in buying a product online is much less than when compared to buying physically. When you come to a new website that you have not been to before, you are looking for references. You want to see what product is being sold, what you can do with it and how it can be used.

No one is going to read a text that explains all that, because it would take thousands of words. However, if you accompany your product or service with an explanatory video that can condense all the information in a few minutes, the customer will trust more to buy from you.

Moreover, if we talk about landing pages already, the results are even more evident. It analyzes how many landing pages of products that require a purchase do not have a video today to explain it.

Improve Search Optimization

Web visitors tend to stay longer on a web page with an explainer video, while a website with traditional contents is scanned and read much faster. Video marketing contribute greatly to the SEO of any business website the possibilities that they share the video is high. Some of your explainer video can even go viral.

Better Interactions with your Audience

It is possible that you have little interaction with your customers, so your sales are not as high as you want. It may also be that your audience does not clearly understand your products or services.

An explainer video could be your best bet in getting great online traffic. These short, crisp and attractive videos are great when it comes to making an impact on your user. In fact, thousands of word packed into one article would not make as much an impact on your audience as a one-minute explainer video can. Explainer video is not just for fun, it can be a great tool to get to know you and your business. If you have an explainer video designed for you and your business, you are already a smart business owner. You cannot afford to continue leaving a lot of money on the table by neglecting to opt for explainer videos.

Are you tired of investing large amounts of money into advertising that does not appeal to your audience? Do you count on valuable products or services but you do not know how to make them known?

You need to start using explainer video to increase your ROI, conversions, better positioning and a much more professional image for your company. It is evident that the world is moving the way of video marketing, and you should too if you want an optimal yield from your business marketing strategies.

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