Why Smart Mattresses Are The Future Of Sleep

Why Smart Mattresses Are The Future Of Sleep
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As anyone with even just an iPhone knows, having smart technology around just makes life easier. And, it can make life better. The ability to track data on our health and fitness keeps us healthy; tracking our music preferences and favorite things to read lets us get more enjoyment; remembering our buying preferences makes keeping life on track a snap. It’s no big stretch to say that, eventually, smart technology will be the norm. Having everything able to run on its own and keep you informed at the same time is the definition of futuristic—and thanks to ever-evolving technology, the future is now.

Smart mattresses, then, are poised to overtake the regular mattress. Sleep tracking apps or devices are often clunky or inefficient. It no longer makes sense to keep them separate from the thing they monitor—in this case, your bed. By fusing the technology of a sleep tracker with a mattress, you’re gaining the ability to monitor not only your sleep patterns, but regulate the bed itself—all in one place.

A bed shouldn’t just be static. It should adapt and improve over time, like software.

We spend so much time in bed and currently we are not learning anything about what happens during those 8 or so hours every night. We are obsessed by every other piece of information about our bodies, including how many steps we take and the calories we consume. But we are unaware of our sleep, which is a major health indicator.

Maybe if we knew how we slept and what was happening during our sleep we could build better bed frames, pillows, pajamas, and even homes. Knowing what your body responds to in a bed environment allows us to fix it for better rest; eliminating what wakes us up in the middle of the night (such as light or noise disturbances) or causes us to take longer to fall asleep.

The benefits of sleep tracking are innumerable, and smart mattresses can do more than that. They can offer an adjustable firmness for each bed side, tilt your head up when you snore, wake you up with a smart alarm, brew your coffee when you get out of bed, and even warm or cool depending on the environment temperature.

Sleeping smarter means sleeping better. It’s that simple. And a smart mattress is the ultimate way to ensure that.

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