Why SMX Echo is the Leading Multicultural Social Media Monitoring Tool

Why SMX Echo is the Leading Multicultural Social Media Monitoring Tool
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I had the great pleasure of meeting Claudia Goffan about a year ago. I quickly realized that Claudia was an incredibly talented and driven person. She has been in the marketing space for more than 25 years -- specializing in strategic planning. Claudia has been recognized as an expert in Latino Marketing by CNN and more importantly she has been named one of the top 48 Public Relations Professionals by American Express.

Form relationships with other local businesses that cater to your customers. Ask them to offer a discount to their customers if they mention coming from their store when they purchase from you. Feel free to reciprocate.

--Claudia Goffan

When Claudia is not busy with the Board for Latin Success or with the Argentine American Chamber of Commerce -- she is busy running her company -- Target Latino. As CEO, Claudia has feverishly promoted the importance of the U.S. Hispanic market to American companies. She has worked with many top brands ranging from AT&T to XEROX. One of the most exciting partnerships that Claudia and her team are working on is with SocialMetrix -- developers of SMX Echo.

SocialMetrix is a Latin American based company which focuses on providing multicultural market intelligence through "Consumer Generated Media" and traditional media research. This level of insight is provided by SMX Echo.

SMX Echo allows multicultural marketers, social media and public relations professionals the ability to get information about their brands, how the message is being distributed amongst social media channels and which are the most discussed features of your product. One of the most powerful features of SMX Echo is that it will sort through millions of online conversations in English, Spanish and Portuguese -- a necessary tool for any multicultural marketer.

The communication paradigm has changed and marketing is no longer a one way channel. Each message sent by a brand triggers a dialogue, and creates the need to listen what people is saying about it.


Claudia gave me a demonstration of SMX Echo's functionality and I was impressed with its ease of use and the ability to accurately parse non-relevant results. One example of parsing non-relevant results was the use of SMX Echo by the PAN, a political party in Mexico, whose acronym means bread in Spanish. As you can imagine -- these types of false-positive results would have been problematic for any campaign.

Here is a list of SMX Echo features:
  1. Customized structure of reports and sources of information.
  2. Captures comments, opinions and articles from traditional media online and user generated content (blogs, forums, social networks, etc.)
  3. Discovery of different opinions within the same text or comment, and sentiment detection (positive/negative/neutral) of each opinion.
  4. Captures the entire text published by the users to allow context analysis.
  5. Date of publish detection allow clients to evaluate real evolution of the opinions about brands, products, topics, etc.
  6. The web Interface provides access from general brand balance and share of voice to the original text published by the user and the link to access the original source.
  7. Information filters allows data visualization according to multiple variables, such as sentiment (positive/negative/neutral), type of source (social or editorial media), type of publication (article, comment).
  8. Display and export data into different formats: graphics, table, image, CSV, RSS.
As social media continues to be more integrated with marketing and public relations -- it becomes painfully important to be fully aware of the conversation. It seems clear that SMX Echo is a tool of choice -- especially when it comes to multicultural marketing and public relations campaigns.

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