Why Social Media Has Fueled Double Standards for Single Women

I recently read a comment on an article on the Unwritten website about why women should spend their 20s being single and making mistakes. Controversy piled up in the comments over the writer's advice to go out the night before an 8 a.m. class, blow a hundred dollars at the bar and hook up with random guys. It isn't the best advice in the world, but even more shocking to me than the writer's advice was one lovely comment was from a male that said, "There's a place for girls like you in the world. The girl you fuck, not the girl you marry."

It wasn't the only nasty comment. Several comments focused on the idea that "this isn't what boys want in a girl," and how women should be acting in a way that is "respectable to men." But seeing the way that many men catcall women on the streets, swipe right on every girl with a face on Tinder and will readily jump into bed with virtually any girl that "puts out," I think that the double standard is a load of bullsh*t.

Not long ago, I came upon this twitter account called "@GuyCodes". Within the same day, the account, which has 769K followers, tweeted, "Roses are red, Twitter is blue... you look bangable, so I'll follow you." And shortly after, "You can't dress like a slut and expect a guy to approach you like a princess." Both tweets received more than 700 favorites and more than 300 retweets.

And this isn't the only account of that nature. Hundreds of thousands of twitter accounts are devoted to "babes daily," or "sexy fitness chicks." They're made for men to drool over the naked bodies of women while they simultaneously tweet out jokes about "hoes," and "sluts."

Boys, if you personally knew the woman you were drooling over in the pictures, you'd immediately label them to your friends as "that slut that sent out nude pictures." Simultaneously, you'd retweet some "girls, take notes" bullsh*t about how awesome girls are that send nudes at random times of the day.

Let's turn the tables: How do you expect to find your "wifey material," if you are the ones sleeping with a new girl every night? If you have ever slept with someone who isn't your committed wife, you're not qualified to call a woman out on choosing to do the same. If you have ever publicly worn a cut-off that exposes your chest, you are not qualified to put down women for dressing in revealing clothing, and if you have ever decided not to date a girl because you just wanted to stay friends, you are not qualified to tell a girl that put you in the friend zone that she's just a whore making a mistake.

So anonymous commenter, there's a place for boys like you in the world, too, and it's certainly not on our to-do list.


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Rachel writes for Unwritten. You can follow her on Twitter @rachel_hartwick.