Why Social Media Marketing Is the Secret Ingredient.

GIFTY International's Social Media Marketing Offer is designed to appeal specifically to local businesses. The package includes:

  • Website design and development including E-commerce, appointment booking, scheduling, online payment
  • Increase immediate inflow of customer calls /walk-ins using Google AdWords
  • Create and manage Social Media Profiles like Google+, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and SnapChat.
  • Setup Google My Business, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster and Search Engine Optimization.
  • Manage Reviews Online on Google, Yelp, Yellowpages, BBB, etc.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns that follows up with your customers every few days or weeks or months.
  • Free wifi setup like starbucks that offers customers free wifi in exchange for a check-in or a review while they wait for your service
  • Any Offers that your business may have like a specials or promo
  • Video marketing, so your videos or Vlogs may be advertised in the local area...this will increase brand awareness
  • Content publishing and marketing... they even post for your business with related niche info and useful tips and tricks for your fans so they know that you're active on social media.

Majority of consumers check out your business website or social media BEFORE they even call to make an appointment. And when you have that "awesome-looking" social profile, then your customers trust you before they even speak to you!

GIFTY specializes in Google and Facebook Ads. They have consistently been able to bring in over 80% revenue for some local businesses.

"We used to pay heavily on brochures, flyers, paper ads and mail ads and not get half the response we're now getting with Google calls. We get at least 10-15 calls DAILY that we convert to customers. We LOVE the type of customers we get from GIFTY. " - Mariamo from Safe Auto Care says.

One of the nicest things that they are currently doing is supporting the local homeless community. They believe that giving value to the community always comes back. This is why they're giving away 2.5% of every dollar earned to supporting local homeless community.

This shows that businesses not only need to seek profits out of everything, but also to giving back.

More detailed information can be found at https://GIFTYInternational.com/


GIFTY Social Media announced the availability of their Social Media Marketing Offer starting July 2017. More information can be found at https://GIFTYInternational.com/

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