Why Spreading Yourself Thin on Social Media is a Terrible Mistake


Ever since social media first started taking over the Internet, marketing and PR pros have found ways to utilize these sites to their advantage. If you want to launch a successful marketing campaign, then having a strong social media campaign is an important part of this effort. However, you need to make certain that you aren't spreading yourself too thin on social media.

Stay Focused

So many individuals get overly excited about using social media that they decide to sign up for every social media channel. However, this can actually hurt more than it can help. You need to pick a few different social media accounts and really focus on those channels. Having a truly successful social media campaign on one outlet is far more beneficial than having three or four social media accounts that don't have a strong following.

You can start focusing your social media efforts by beginning to focus on your target audience of consumers. You need to know who your target market is and what type of social media accounts they would use. For example, if your company is targeting elderly consumers, chances are they won't have a strong Twitter presence. If you spend all of your time tweeting to elderly clientele that aren't on Twitter, you are wasting valuable time and resources.

Maintain Quality Content

Another issue that typically plagues people who stretch themselves too thin on social media has to do with the content of their posts. There are so many entrepreneurs that are just starting out who find themselves so overwhelmed by trying to keep up with different social media accounts. Guess what? Their content starts to suffer. It is far more important to focus on creating engaging, quality content that truly starts a conversation on one site than it is to leave uninteresting content on several sites. A Facebook post that gets 20 comments and 50 likes can do far more for your marketing efforts than 50 tweets that aren't seen by anyone.

Don't Fall Into The Trap

There are so many companies today that fail to find the success that they are looking for on social media and do not know why. An effective social media campaign takes a great deal of time and dedication. You need to be ready and willing to put the necessary time into the campaign and really focus on reaching out to current and potential customers. If your attention is spread too thin between multiple social media platforms, you may be preventing yourself from finding any success with any of them.

Start by looking at the type of social media platform that you know your target market will use and really start cultivating a strong following and creating quality content on that particular site. If the site starts to take off, then eventually you can begin adding additional social media sites (if needed) to your campaign. Social media can be a powerful tool for any company to use. Make sure that you are avoiding this common pitfall by not spreading yourself too thin on social media.