Why Straight Girls Prefer Lesbian Porn

Everybody watches porn. There are overwho watch porn on a regular basis, and of those viewers, at least one third are women.
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Everybody watches porn. There's no need to pretend you don't anymore. There are over 40 million Americans who watch porn on a regular basis, and of those viewers, at least one third are women. It's the second most dominant form of media consumed on the internet, second only to to social networks. Imagine how much more of a global media empire Facebook could be if they started their own porn streaming service. And Zuckerberg definitely looks like a dude who watches a lot of porn.

What's also no longer a secret is that women watch A LOT of lesbian porn. The stereotypes say that straight dudes are the ones obsessed with girl on girl action, but they've got nothing on the hetero females. According to a recent study between Buzzfeed and Pornhub (NSFW) women are 132% more likely to search for lesbian porn than men.

Megan Fleming, Ph.D. explains the why women prefer lesbian porn in pretty simple terms, "Porn is a safe way to realize what turns you on, but it doesn't necessarily mean you want to do it in real life," she explains. Wait. Fantasy and reality don't always match up? Who woulda thought?

But there are a number of other, more nuanced, reasons why women prefer engaging with girl on girl action, and thankfully Arielle Scarcella and her friends are unabashed in their explanations in the video above.

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