Why Study the Humanities? To Live a Life Worth Living

In Maribor, Slovenia
In Maribor, Slovenia

It is no accident that people follow the path of life that, along the way, end up studying the humanities or philosophy.  To most this makes no sense: To study the humanities doesn’t translate easily into a job. And sadly, in our society, you are defined by the job you have.

But we live in a world where jobs are designed not for dreamers or visionaries.  There are no jobs for risk-takers or for lovers of wisdom.  To those who fall in love with words; to those who are stirred to life with the emotions invoked from stories that move the heart; to those who would rather spend money on books than food, I have news for you: this world isn’t a friendly home to us risk-takes and love-makers.

Most if not all jobs that exist today are there for those who follow, like unthinking sheep.  Don’t ask questions–just major in a subject that will give you a better chance to “get a job” even if those jobs don’t really exist.

Education on this level, as you can see, isn’t education at all its more of a trick.

Education-for-a-job is another way to smash love, to annihilate risk and courage, to effectively kill the human spirit.  Yes, it is possible to live in a human body but not possess a human spirit!  But please, don’t be a zombie searching for jobs that don’t exist.  Embrace the full range of who you are: A human spirit! and fly... fly... fly away into worlds unknown and yet to be discovered.

Allow me to explain it like this: It’s the difference between reading a technical manual for how to use an electronic device or reading (nay, FEELING) the lines of Shakespeare, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  Do you feel the tension between a name and a smell?  Can you feel it and not just think it?

Education today discounts our feelings–the unknown and mysterious connection we have between us and within us–connections that form us into creatures more than mere meat and chemicals who pay taxes and die.  The money makers hold in contempt feelings that stir us out of our death and into life.  Be resurrected!

To devote one’s life to feeling the range of the human spirit and to live within that spirit is to touch freedom’s wings. To feel widely, boldly is to live fully into our Humanity.  It is our transport into worlds yet formed but created by us and our devotion to higher levels of life.  Oh life where is your flight in worlds of money? Life is, even without money. Money doesn’t make the world go around. Ah….. yes…. life! It’s time to start living again.

Consider being part of a Humanities program where you too can explore the full range of being human again.

Feel with others, think with others and sing new worlds into being.

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