Mom Who Admits She Is An Alcoholic Blames Family And Being A Suburban Housewife (VIDEO)

“I am absolutely, without a doubt, an alcoholic. I drink way too much,” says Linda, a mom of three. “There are times I do choose beer over them. The kids yell at me. I know what I’m doing is wrong, and they’re right … I’ve not been a great mother."

Watch as Linda's three daughters describe what it was like growing up with her.

When Linda's husband and daughters confront her, Linda blames them in part for the problem. On her list of what leads her to drink:

"My daughters contribute to my drinking."

"My family makes me feel all alone."

"Becoming a housewife; being bored all day; nothing else to do."

Dr. Phil probes: "So you'll wake up first thing in the morning and if there are four or five cans of beer partially open, got something in it, you'll drain them, right?"

Linda responds, "If it's one of those days, yeah."

On Thursday's episode, Dr. Phil explores whether Scott, Linda's husband, may also have a drinking problem. How can this entire family get healthy and move forward? Watch more from this episode, "Parenting While Intoxicated.”