Why Taking a Break from the Booze Could do a Lot More than Cure Your Hangover

peace of mind
peace of mind

About five years ago I realized that my wine o' clock routine was no longer an indulgence but a "ball and chain". I could stop drinking for a week here and there but once I started again the cycle renewed. Days began with a vow "never to drink again" but ended with a "well deserved", "perfectly normal" glass of wine ... and the glass ...always led to a bottle or more.

Desperate to get my life back, but not ready to label myself an alcoholic, I began googling. I found a website called Hello Sunday Morning that encourages people to take a break from the booze by blogging and am now well over two years sensationally sober. Through blogging we share our stories, share resources, support and inspire. On sites like Hello Sunday Morning, Soberistas, Club Soda and Tired of Thinking About Drinking people around the world are finding anonymous community support to take back control.

If you find you're drinking a bit too much a bit too often, here are some thoughts on why taking a break may offer more than you expect.

55 Great reasons to be Alcohol Free  by members of Hello Sunday Morning. 

1.) I don't want to waste another minute of my life being drunk !

2.) I love being able to hop into my car at anytime of the day /evening 

3.) To be fit and healthy, happy, to have better relationships, to gain more confidence, to feel free, alive, awake, excited, pure, clean, curious

4.) So that I can dance without falling. It's more fun (and dignified) that way.......


6.)  For courage to find my inner peace!Facing a lot of changes right now and I have the courage to do it! All in search of my true happiness!

7.) To save my marriage and my family!!!!!!!! And to feel good about myself, no lies secrets or guilt! 

8.) To be my own master, better family life and look better. 

9.)Being sober is by far preferable to being drunk  

10.) I have my intelligent, alert, sharp mind back. No more foggy anesthesia! 

11.) Peace

12.) There aren't any inconvenient times for people to phone or drop by :) 

13.)I can now live with myself (and so can my husband)-I'm so much nicer now!

14.) Just to FEEL and BE alive..... without guilt, anxiety or fear..... 

15.) And my reason to be AF is I am better, in every way, without alcohol. 'Nuff said. :) 

16.) To have peace with no anxiety, and to feel good to be alive tomorrow. 

17.) because the truth is so much bigger, brighter and infinitely more interesting than anything that comes in a man-made bottle cleverly marketed as 'the good life' 

18.) Each day a new beginning..... yay! 

19.) because if i dont stop.. i am going to lose my mind. 

20.) FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

21.) Because I like myself now. I am the best I can be.

22.) I hated myself and couldn't believe that the truth was that I had alcohol controlling me.

23.) I was lost and I hated it and now I'm free. 

24.) Feeling great joy about being a mother!!!!!!!!!! :-) 


25.) Tired of wasting life by not remembering most of it and tired of monotonous repetition.

26.) Because now I'm the Boss of Me. Not that Wine Witch. And without alcohol, I am a much nicer boss. I rarely criticize myself anymore. I'm healthier than I've ever been in mind, body and spirit. I'm 13kgs lighter. And I feel so much smarter. And I am finally really proud of myself. I hardly ever have to apologise for anything anymore, because I don't do dumb stuff anymore. And I'm so fucking calm about 90% of the time. And a much better parent and therapist. 

27.) A clear conscience which brings peace in my relationships with God and others.

28.) To stop making so many (or preferably ANY) damn dumb decisions!

29.) I want to remember all of my days/nights and really live :)

30.) To be the healthiest, sensiblest, liveliest, happiest, lovingest, postive-est...BEST woman I can be!

31.) Personal freedom :-)

32.) I don't get sick of myself when I am not drinking.... I am sure others don't get sick of me either

33.) For me: peace. I kept looking for it in a bottle-or-3.

34.)To be present, loving and positive with everyone in my life x

35.) No more time wasted being drunk or hungover... I'd rather be fully present and able to be more productive, active, engaged, happy. But the myriad of mental and physical health improvements are hard to beat.

36.) Because it means I get to keep and truly enjoy everything that's important to me in my life rather than risk losing it all and damaging it because of my addiction.

37.) To be healthy 

38.) because it feels better to be sober

39.) I feel peace and joy  

40.) To see what can be achieved without it in my life. 

41.) Sanity 

42.) CLARITY. In thought, memory, relationships, daily life, perspective, health, so many ways.

43.) Because I owe it to myself to look in the mirror and not hate the person looking back at me.

44.)  Because I no longer want to drink. It has no place in my life, and no longer has a hold on me.

45.)I love being present in my life :-) 

46.) Replace feeling like shit with feeling like a champ

47.) My number one reason for staying AF is because I can't cope with the guilt and regret that comes with a hangover!

48.) The freedom - in every sense 

49.) To feel the good and the bad - not obliterate it.

50.) To find 'me' again. I really had been quite lost along the way...I do believe I'm on the way up ;) 

51.) Alcohol will NEVER control me again

52.)  My health and the calm and peace that comes with it. 

53.) My number one reason for staying AF is because I can't cope with the guilt and regret that comes with a hangover!

54.)  To be in control of my life, not have alcohol do it for me.

55.) The inner peace.............


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